The rapid development of the nternet domain name is gradually rising

according to statistics, in 2006 the total number of Chinese domain names reached 4 million 120 thousand, an increase of more than in 2005 of this year, CNNIC CN domain name to promote the domain name, the total number has exceeded. It is estimated that by the 2008 Olympic Games, China’s number of domain names can exceed 6 million mark, by 2009 will reach 7 million 500 thousand. With the growth of China’s domain name market, a variety of domain names, the new suffix has been introduced, the current China has registered domain names have reached more than 80 kinds. The increasing demand for all types of domain names reflects the rapid development of China’s internet.

domain name, as the central nervous system of the development of China’s Internet, it is bound to move toward a personalized, diversified direction. In 1993, American NSI company and the U.S. government signed a contract agent,.Com,.Org and.Net three domain names for the global open registration, thus these three types of domain name has become the businesses and consumers the most enthusiastic top-level domain, especially.Com, more than 80% occupy a generic top-level domain. At that time, China has almost no business to provide domain name registration services.

after years of development, China’s Internet is rapidly strong, can be registered in China, the domain name has gradually increased. At present many kinds of domain name registration, on the Internet can see.Com,.Net,.Org international domain name; geographical top-level domain, such as.CN China,.US on behalf of the United States, the CN domain has jumped to the world’s national top-level domain name system for fourth place. With the international domain name suffix name similar in.Cn top-level domain also set up two level domains, including category, the Administrative (Beijing), (Shanghai), (Jiangsu province), and the new international top-level domain has also been launched, such as TV, name the domain name and so on.

it is reported that the Western digital domain name is the most". With the domain name related services to attract a lot of customers, for example: domain name registration time opened, independent management. Send two level domain name, URL forwarding, pan analytical domain related services, after years of hard work has helped hundreds of thousands of customers registered in English domain. In the COM..NET international domain increasingly scarce resource situation, the introduction of new domain name, its rich and unique charm, will occupy more market in the domain name market, will also receive more attention and favor of people. At the same time, experts called for domestic and foreign enterprises to strengthen the awareness of the protection of the domain name, in the shortest possible time the impact of advertising into commercial value.

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