Secret eBay Now delivery service the whole process takes only 1 hours

[review] different from competitors, eBay can be extracted from a number of commercial cooperation partners in the retail shelves, including best buy, Taghit, Macy’s, Office Depot and Payless Shoes etc..


eBay is in San Francisco and New York to test the eBay Now day delivery service (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco (David) in Beijing on December 4th news, according to foreign media reports, more and more retailers want delivery services to attract users through the day, at the same time bring profits for themselves. In this regard, eBay also made some attempts. In August of this year, eBay began testing eBay Now services in San Francisco, which expanded to New York last month. Different from the competitors on their shelves, eBay can extract goods from a number of partners on the retail shelves. Using the iOS version of eBay Now application, users can order from best buy, Taghit, Macy’s, Office Depot and Payless Shoes and other businesses.

After ordering

users, eBay can send trained staff, and immediately from these businesses a retail store to extract goods and timely delivery, the whole process is said to need only one hour. As you can imagine, the number of eBay Now relative shortage of staff (according to "the Wall Street journal" said only 50 people) has been testing this service area navigation experts, but sometimes they are not familiar with the road to Google (micro-blog map) help.

there is no doubt that in order to attract users, it is necessary to make them very satisfied, so far, retailers have not yet achieved profitability by the same day delivery service, eBay is no exception. EBay to provide customers with three free delivery opportunities, to provide $15 vouchers or even for the first time to use this service users. If these conditions are not met, in the case of an order amount of $25, the user will only need to pay $5 delivery fee.

eBay said that he still has time to study a more suitable method. A eBay employee said: we focus on increasing the use of continuous improvement products." In any case, eBay Now is designed to change your perception of the brand. EBay are not satisfied with the world’s largest auction site of the title, it wants to do with top retailers such as Amazon and WAL-MART par. If a retailer is able to deliver the service on a large scale, and for a long time, it will be able to win a large number of customers.

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