Price war nternet retail era eternal topic

Beijing, October 10 electricity price war is an eternal topic retailers, even in the era of Internet retailing is also true. But when it comes to the price war, the total reminiscent of "Shangdi one thousand, eight hundred self mutilation" bloody horror, in fact, the price war should not be the loss of resources to fight a war, how not to burn the price war, the test of the ability of retailers of precision marketing, low cost operation and the ability of supply chain integration ability.

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at the beginning of August 2014, Suning launched a price war with vigour and vitality "hundred day battle, internal code".

during this period, the platform made 40 million rolls of paper, 30 million aunt towel, 5 million cans of milk a single product victory, after reaching the 818 category price war week climax, Suning non-stop through the strategy of different categories in different stages of the continued price war. September 10th, Su Ninghong children with the supermarket channel and hand in hand to release 100 containers of milk powder, the first day of the sale of the container of the 42.

is so big, large-scale price war, Suning is the first time in the history. Lenovo to the electricity supplier giants making games, "6 – 18" afterglow cleared, 11 – 11 "hundred days apart, the third Suning obviously want to rely on" 8 – 18 "and" hundred days campaign "to create electricity supplier Festival made the three kingdoms.

it seems that the price war is still the theme of Internet retail lingering. The key is, according to Su Ning said that the scale and intensity of the price war, Suning has not had to burn, this amazing.

focus category price war, accurate conversion user

, such as WAL-MART, a variety of goods in the super large supermarkets, almost every day in the price war. To shuppim on Amazon in the electricity supplier, has been set up by the price war barriers, now the price war has hit the cloud service. The domestic retail giant Suning and Gome is also the price advantage in the consumer electronics to build a nationwide retail empire.

so, the retail price war is the norm, a simple price war, whether in the traditional industry or the Internet business, all be not at all surprising means of marketing, quickly get users and quickly pulled sales practices. Can simply be many times the electricity supplier platform price war into a "blind burn", no doubt is the choice of mode of death.

in the final analysis, the price war is the opportunity to sacrifice the profits to the consumer experience, in the end, in order to be able to establish a follow-up consumer relations.

electricity supplier price war marketing, power to use the blade. At the beginning of August, Suning’s "818 big promotion" 1 billion 800 million red WeChat debut, many users have said that the circle of friends of friends are in red envelopes, grab a red envelope, there is Su Ning scraper rhythm. Contrast two months ago to promote the Jingdong’s 1 billion WeChat red envelopes, Suning this outsider to spend more effort than the big 618. Through WeChat social marketing, Suning cleverly built a drainage channel for the price war >

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