The electricity supplier of agricultural products is still in the era of the wilderness looks very b

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looks very beautiful, it’s hard to do the electricity supplier of agricultural products is still the "wilderness era"

"era of the wilderness." Li Jun (a pseudonym) so described the current stage of agricultural electricity supplier.

at the beginning of last year, the electricity supplier of agricultural products to join the resignation of entrepreneurship Li Jun, 2014 sales of nearly 10 million scale, let him remember is the last vehicle drained kiwi, "look down is a fruit, is actually the money." The main reason for this situation is the improper storage of fruit.

is not only the details, at this stage of the domestic agricultural electricity supplier business model is more extensive, while its actual operation is the most difficult in the electricity supplier.

choose from upstream agricultural products, to the general logistics, cold chain short board, and then to the downstream customer service, the industry chain is long, large investment, often making most of the loss of self platform. The industry had 99% fresh electricity supplier losses, the argument.

a number of experts and industry insiders told the "daily economic news" reporter, the electricity supplier of agricultural products is still in the cultivation stage, cultivation needs huge investment and long period, small and medium-sized platforms tend to collapse.

proprietary platform universal loss

Li Jun in front of a lot of haggard, last year, constantly running in Sichuan, Yunnan and more to find fruit products, so that some of the darker color. A year down, the company operating profit.


is generally believed that the electricity supplier of agricultural products "spring" has arrived, Li Jun told the "daily economic news" reporter said, the electricity supplier is always a sales channel, the industry is currently looking "lively", actually very difficult. "It is still" wilderness era ", even 1 are not." Li Jun found that, although there is always a new capital and new investors into the body to come in, but also unknowingly, some of the original practitioners due to loss of exit, turn off the platform.

industry insiders have estimated the scale of agricultural electricity supplier market as many as one hundred billion, compared to the electricity supplier over competition caused by other parts of the thin profit margins, the profit is considerable, the average gross profit margin of 30%~40%.

however, since 2012, the electricity supplier of agricultural products has become hot, profitability difficult in the domestic electricity supplier of agricultural products, especially fresh electricity in front of a hurdle.

has previously reported that China’s agricultural business platform has more than 3 million, of which agricultural e-commerce platform has exceeded 3000, but difficult to profit. China’s retail fresh research center Li Changming has also said that 99% of fresh electricity providers are at a loss.

business observers Lu Zhenwang disagrees, he said that the current electricity supplier of agricultural products is mainly run by Taobao, its origin and advantage based on electricity supplier channels, most of the platform even suppliers should be profitable. His analysis, 99% difficult profit may be directed against B2C (proprietary platform)".

mostly micro profit." Ali Institute senior expert Chen Liang believes that because

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