Compete for the trillion market Jingdong launched three enterprise class electricity supplier procur

NetEase Francisco November 26th news, Jingdong today announced the launch of " ", " Zhicai; ", " Hui Mining; cloud mining " three enterprise electricity supplier procurement platform, to the potential market for enterprise business trillion.

at present, many enterprises still use the traditional purchasing management, many large and medium-sized enterprises set up special procurement and logistics departments of large, suppliers, distributors, logistics providers to manage a large number, spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.

it is understood that the positioning of the three platforms are different.

platform is a large Jingdong Zhicai customers into group enterprise development procurement platform, to provide goods for the enterprise customer orders, inventory, logistics and other standard service interface, the internal procurement system open interface mode and enterprise docking, enterprise internal employee login platform to achieve the purchase order.

is a platform for the acquisition of self procurement management system for enterprises; and cloud mining platform is built around the enterprise channel to create a comprehensive electricity supplier service platform to provide commodity procurement programs, information dissemination and exchange services.

industry believes that the purchase of electricity supplier market is a trillion market, is still worth exploring a new blue ocean. (Su Su)

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