Alibaba began to clean up the portal for B2B, B2C fusion Foundation

every day I will pay attention to whether there is a trade dispute and fraud on the Alibaba platform, and small business owners to communicate online business difficulties encountered and confusion." Alibaba CEO said Alibaba would like the United States to combat terrorism as 9· 11 to continue the fight against Internet fraud, regularly open to the public and media Alibaba seized scammers name, contact, address, deception, industry distribution and other detailed information, let the "network fraud evil" in the network and reality are. Hide.

"Although the

Alibaba hit 1000 export enterprises account for only about 1% of the total exports of Alibaba through membership, but the proportion of minimum integrity of enterprise has serious harm to the healthy development of network trade and small business China international image, so the Alibaba to combat these" network fraud evil ‘without mercy." Alibaba CEO said.

at present, Alibaba for the fight against international and domestic market fraud two anti-terrorism action has been launched. Alibaba integrity security department insiders, at present, the public security organs and Alibaba to work closely together to apprehend the transnational network fraud behind the group, waiting for judicial proceedings. This month, the Alibaba will also close and public exposure of the more than 1 thousand network fraud Gang information, at the same time, the network can cooperate with the Alibaba to encourage cheated do together to expose, public security, judicial and other relevant state authority report or sue for help.

"we will solve overseas deceived customers to Hangzhou report of the round-trip ticket accommodation, to report the success of customers’ courageous award, and awarded the Alibaba share records of small business credit files and the relevant state organs." Alibaba integrity and security department official said, these will be out of the network anti-terrorism fund.

according to the Alibaba insiders, the Alibaba will be at the end of September to achieve "secure payment platform" open. Prior to March 15th, Chinese station upgrade strategy of Alibaba into 1688 wholesale market has support for Alipay, while the international station will be the end of the month into the safety payment system.


insiders also said that since March there have been about 600000 members to complete the "basic authentication" and "credit file", according to the seller credit evaluation system has been on-line test run, the credit system has been through self-examination buyers of mobile phone real-time query, and for export sellers more advanced "depth" certification also launched in wildly beating gongs and drums.

expert analysis, this year since the emergence of the field of electronic commerce is running out of time, "the transformation of key words". Insiders said that the Taobao strike speculation behind the black chain letter, Taobao is one of the signal from the "Stocking" era to the "captive" era of transformation. The current situation is that a large number of goods sold on Taobao, many are walking on the edge of the law. Many shop sales of goods are low, quality is not satisfactory, and even a lot of counterfeit goods. "At present"

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