Fruit supermarket also nternet plus hard to make fresh electricity line

the first batch of fruit supermarket opened too fast

line supermarket fruit industry rise in 2010, in memory of Wang Zongtian, the first batch of supermarket fruit fast down too fast, insist on only one fruit more than the United States, Beijing has become the largest fruit supermarket chain. Wang Zongtian told the Beijing morning news reporter, said the United States was relying on fruit to do dry fruit to survive, and other fruit stores have died to do fruit. At present, fruit supermarket is experiencing second round of shop tide, Internet plus wave can change the fate of fruit in the supermarket line


is the new boss most wholesalers

Tongzhou Cloud View Road less than one kilometer distance distribution of the five fruit supermarket. These fruit supermarket business area is not the same, but the name of "fruit" banner, fruit, fruit, fruit fresh fruit beauty, beauty of fresh fruit sink…… This ferocious new state is cheaper than the supermarket price, than the traditional roadside stalls than fresh, convenient online ordering. As a new category of commercial communities, fruit supermarkets now have different mainstream brands throughout the country, there is no one covering the country.

as of now, the domestic fruit supermarket chain stores is the most "Romance" brand, the brand originated in Shenzhen has covered Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen, Shanghai more than and 10 city, more than and 700 stores. The Beijing market is the largest fruit supermarket fruit more beautiful, more than 30 stores in Beijing.

insiders told the Beijing morning news reporter, Beijing fruit supermarket boss is the most xinfade wholesale traders, the first open fruit supermarket sales in order to solve the problem — some overripe fruit is not suitable for wholesale, retail and. In the taste of the sweetness of the new retail, wholesale fruit both wholesale and the boss started to do retail.

line fruit supermarket to make money relatively easy

line under the fruit shop to make money easily, the industry generally believe that, relative to the fruit electricity supplier, the line is relatively easy to make money supermarket fruit. Electricity supplier sales is too difficult to predict, and the consumer groups are mostly around the line of community residents, more stable, profitable can also be expected." Wang Zongtian said.

but for the operator, operating a small fruit supermarket needs to control the details are very complicated, site selection, procurement, sales each link to control the loss ultimately, determines the fruit in the supermarket can be profitable.

first, the next line of fruit stores to be relatively stable supply, so as to have bargaining power, some fruit stores have their own warehousing and logistics. The position of the display of fruit are placed in the position of the front doorway, are generally Duitou seasonal fruits, cheap price. With the popularity of the fruit is used to Duitou, basically do not make money, make money is to store the higher price of fruits and nuts, which is why Dried Fruit become the main reason for the standard fruit supermarket.

does not allow selection to control loss

and online, the loss is also a major problem plaguing the fruit supermarket. In order to control >

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