The home depot for the transformation of the electricity supplier a day to close seven stores

Analysis of

[an industry official said, "before doing e-commerce now is a little late, traditional industry to integrate supply chain resources, familiar with the Internet and the ‘water’, need a long-term process." ]

performance continued losses, shrinking scale, frequent changes in personnel…… The big second US retail giant, the world’s largest building materials retailer Home Furnishing (Home Depot) in Chinese market ultimately failed to survive the winter.

14, announced the closure of Home Depot located in Tianjin, Xi’an and Zhengzhou seven home building materials retail stores Home Furnishing. In this regard, the home depot to the "First Financial Daily" said, the company will continue to have about 170 employees in China, the company will also provide for the affected employees severance and re employment support service. They will be held in Shanghai and Shenzhen in 2002 to establish a global procurement business, new business model team and professional retail stores.

has the so-called "new business model", including offline and online business. The next line, to continue to operate in Tianjin recently opened two professional retail stores; line is most commonly attempted Home Furnishing supermarket business model, the company is to discuss cooperation matters with a number of Chinese leading e-commerce sites." The home depot spokesman said.

Chinese for home depot is a transformation of the business model, the industry generally believe that in the current environment is not easy.

where is the disease?

, a supplier of Home Depot Tianjin told reporters, in September 13th 5 when he suddenly received the message home depot closed shop, a week after their usual delivery delivery, home depot did not mention the matter, so that different materials in their hands were now the pressure value of 10 million yuan and hundreds of thousands of yuan.

is reported that the closure of the store affects about 850 employees. A home depot Xi’an shop staff told reporters, Xi’an Home Depot principal said the compensation scheme may provide employees with 2N (N for economic compensation). N covers the employee may not settle the amount. Additional payments are not covered by the amount of money, but also to the company, the company will promptly deal with.

in the development of China home depot is almost copy the "American supermarket mode" (i.e. DIY yourself), an analysis of Home Furnishing building materials industry veteran told reporters: "this is obviously not applicable in Chinese, abroad because of high labor costs, the decoration is DIY and enjoy the fun, the opposite, consumer habits please decoration team, more love in this traditional building materials market format ‘bargains’, because the price is more elastic there." For example, a network with the jack on the outside to buy less than 10 yuan, but in the home depot, B&Q, the same thing will be 70 yuan."

In addition to

, the home depot in the process of localization of talent reserves there are bottlenecks. A former home of the world who told reporters, home depot high-level changes never stopped, especially.

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