The future aspect elite gathered in ShopEx e-commerce high-end salon held in Xiamen

the afternoon of September 1st, by the Xiamen B2C Association, Shanghai business school Shopex and veoshoesshoes co sponsored by " lantivy Hercynian e-commerce high-end strategy salon " held in Seaview Resort Xiamen hotel. As China’s largest e-commerce software and service providers, ShopEx attracted the attention and admiration of the guests.

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Power Future and future electricity supplier salon invited to Xiamen XiaMen Railway Station B2C association secretary general Qiu Jing, Cai Peng, vice president of ShopEx Shopex ECP ShopEx ECP director Zhang Peng, chief representative of Fujian Wang Jinyong, vice president Huang Jinbu, the library name shoes shoes library CMO, and Buyong Han has been involved in e-commerce KAPPA, Anta, PEAK Tenfu Tea, and other traditional offline brands and the Internet as the main position of the network brand Hi-Tec, zero male, PBA, Crespo card more than 30 executives attended. The guests to share the B2C development trend and business strategic layout, around " B2C, " and other key brands, the future; in-depth discussion and exchanges, mutual collision of traditional enterprises and new electricity supplier, aroused countless thoughts spark.

Cai Peng, vice president of

ShopEx on the development trend of the online retail industry in, made a wonderful speech. He proposed Chinese companies want to do e-commerce must do three aspects: one is the customer marketing, customer service, the two is three is the customer value, at the same time, the development of the electricity supplier related to sales, logistics, warehousing, multi-channel operations and other aspects, need to assemble your e-business system, can quickly complete the electricity supplier start. The idea of assembling electricity supplier deep recognition of guest membership.

in the interactive discussion, Anta share the development of business ideas, in China current e-commerce market environment, the heart must act! Is an electronic commerce, all people cannot evade the market, so we have to do it. Famous shoe library CMO Han Buyong revealed that the name of the library in 08 years to establish the official website, is only spent a few thousand dollars to buy the Shopex low-end products, only on the line for 1 months. With the rapid growth of the company’s business, and ShopEx for further cooperation in the development of the electricity supplier system, and become the depth of the ShopEx development partners, to this year the turnover has billions of dollars, ranked the top three B2C China footwear enterprises.

salon scene brand and sales topic, a lively discussion of the proposed ShopEx, website conversion rate and sales can not be equated, its role is to provide the one and only experience your customers on your website, do the brand, group cognition, can locate the customer, but how to find the user needs precise brand? Marketing, but the third party platform is difficult to achieve accurate, so enterprises need to build brands online sales platform.

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