Micro-blog continues to innovation, each micro-blog users can give you a small ad

micro-blog’s new realization of this means, will not let you do not want to go to micro-blog

?Since the

has reached a strategic cooperation and Ali, micro-blog information flow has been Taobao, Tmall promotion link firmly occupy, but then, you may see more from the electricity supplier information in micro-blog, if you are using micro-blog.

yesterday, micro-blog joint Alibaba, micro sell and other partners, announced the interest oriented micro electricity supplier strategy. Different from the circle of friends in the layers of distribution, micro business, Sina for micro electricity supplier is actually to the electricity supplier businesses who use the flow guide.

simply, that is, the official launch of micro-blog publishing tools, so that everyone can send advertising. As an ordinary user, your micro-blog timeline will be this micro electricity supplier how to change

in micro-blog’s "micro business plan, micro-blog is still a middle distribution platforms, all goods release, purchase, customer service is completed in the electronic business platform, micro-blog" Master "responsible for advertising links, and interested users to click on links to jump to the business platform for purchase, and to contribute to Master from this unique link sales profit. It seems that micro-blog’s future is like a huge shopping guide website.

in June this year, micro-blog launched a joint micro and sell products "Master social electricity supplier", after posting commodity information, as the "guide Master" micro-blog users can claim the sales task, generates commodity information links, through social relationships chain spread out and get commission from the merchant there by volume. At yesterday’s conference, this is for the people of the product to micro-blog window name officially launched.

"Master" can be issued directly to publish their recommended products in micro-blog through this, recommended reason, inventory information and commercial links can be directly added, showing in the same line of micro-blog. Currently, these goods can only be linked from Tmall, Taobao and other key partners to sell. It is conceivable that most of the links you will see on micro-blog in the future will certainly come from Tmall and Taobao.

sounds very familiar with it, this is the first time for the user to promote the introduction of the project is divided into Alibaba Taobao guest is a nature. Although the point after the jump to the link or the details of the goods, but by clicking on Taobao guest link, the user will be able to share the link to get a certain percentage. In WeChat and a number of shopping related communities, Taobao guest links have been banned.

for the electricity supplier to do shopping is a long-standing business, Amazon grew into an online retail giant, sales alliance Amazon Referral played a small role. Recently, the recent $15 million investment in the shopping guide platform RewardStyle, is to invite people to promote the popularity of social media photos and links, from which to earn commissions and divided.


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