B2C enterprise website operation in the end is what

What is the B2C

commentary website? For the B2C site, we need to "run", but for the understanding of the operation, we seem to be simple, not is to update the product, inventory, supplier management, customer management, order processing, logistics and so on? But this is the operation of all? Does every B2C site do the operations are the same? With this question small Li in-depth consideration, come to this conclusion, the operation should have two levels, belong to the first level said the operation, and further the operation is to create the core competitiveness through the operation of B2C website. What is the core competitiveness of the B2C site, Xiao Li believes that the specific performance in the following areas:

1 price:

The external performance of

on the B2C website is the low price, and the intrinsic factor is that you must have the absolute advantage of cost. So how to reduce costs is the first priority of the website operation. Here the cost not only in goods prices (distribution price, OEM outsourcing, self built factory) but also in artificial service cost and distribution cost, storage and distribution costs. Remember: in the current B2C online shopping market, the price of the purchase of the factors affecting more than 50%.

2 promotional mix:

How do you

the ability to grasp market? How much do you know about the psychology of consumers shopping? On this basis, you design theme activities, discounts, rebates, increase integral, purchase, reward, there will be much stimulus to the customer? How much pull on sales? Small Li think deeper the significance of the level of promotional activities is not the same day to buy out much, but how many customers to enjoy, and to their satisfaction to help you do word-of-mouth. This kind of core competence is manifested in our sense of business, market and customer. Traditional retail companies competition is the ability.

3 services:

feeling. The advantages of the service is about feeling. No price, promotion. It feels right. The timeliness of the service, thoughtful, and the next time you buy TA remember, these are very critical. For the B2C site, the service also includes the design of your page, the design of your purchase process, your UI and UE performance. Like Xiao Li, buy books only to excellence, not Dangdang, in terms of a single book, excellent prices are higher than dangdang. The core purpose of the service is to do everything possible to allow customers to establish the purchase habits on your site.

4 arrival:


your site will be in the most convenient and quickest way to show in front of customers? In traditional areas, we through the shop on the ground to realize, Gome and Suning stores add up to 3000, on the Internet, the specific performance is how we do the promotion, let the customer see the greater the chance, we the greater the chance. In addition to the need to promote the presence of target customers, a lot of companies with business prophets

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