Day P150 still apply for Baidu union Google Adsense

IP150 still apply Baidu alliance

these days in order to apply for Baidu theme promotion, so read this article. That many webmaster said the application of Baidu IP union day at least tens of thousands of Alexa, ranking to tens of thousands. I do not know whether it is my luck, or what the reason, my site at about IP150 on the time to join the Baidu alliance, but not only to join the theme of promotion (this is a separate application)

first, Baidu alliance application for

at that time because everyone said to join the Baidu alliance requires a lot, and I stood at the time of the day IP less than 150 is a new station so the application to join the Baidu Union also play it. But I did not expect is the third day of the welcome letter received by Baidu, the application passed. In order to give more confidence when I talk about my Adsense website: the network source IP on the rabbit, about 150, ALEXA ranking is needless to say, tens of millions. I didn’t go because I thought it was useless. At that time, Baidu included dozens of less than 100 pages, GOOGLE more than and 200. As for why so many people on the Internet said that the Baidu alliance to join the high requirements I do not know. My advice to the webmaster is to ask for things not to go to cheating, the website content is the fundamental.

two, Google Adsense application by

apply for GOOGLE ADSENSE than the Baidu alliance late, because too many articles to see the domain name to six months. So it is almost four or five months before the station to apply for the time when IP less than a thousand, Alexa still do not know, I do not like this thing

three, Ali mother


just began to apply for Ali mother is very simple. But when I applied for a Google Adsense, suddenly received a message that Ali’s mother is not perfect, advertising becomes vacant. For same reason to refuse. So the Google ad, and then to apply, ha ha. After hanging up the GOOGLE ad. The results haven’t a day into the vacant.

so I am quite speechless Ali mother, but after all, a GOOGLE page can only hang three content advertising. Baidu theme and not apply for it. Want to go out to apply for other alliances, so hang up the promotion of Baidu cooperation, anyway, I will not go to apply for Ali’s mother.

, finally I wish you all included rabbit supply up every day, month income of $.

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