What to eat four kinds of food the body can help you detox toxins _39 _ female health network

celery is common vegetable of our life, it contains rich fiber material, can be filtered from the body, eat some celery can help the body detoxification, but also treatment because some diseases caused by the accumulated toxins.

3, celery

in kiwifruit is rich in vitamins and excellent dietary fiber source, the source of dietary fiber is very helpful to digestion, but also can remove toxic and harmful substances in the intestines, help the body detox.

2, honey

There is a good tonic, nourishing effect

mung bean in Chinese medicine seems to be a detoxification of food, for heavy metals, pesticides and a variety of food poisoning have a certain role in the prevention and treatment, usually eat some green beans to help the body detoxification.

is now more and more serious environmental pollution, plus some bad living habits and eating habits, and resulted in the accumulation of more and more toxins, these toxins are excreted if not timely it will lead to various diseases and physical discomfort, and the best way is to pay attention to the daily detox diet, then eat what can the body detox? Here we introduce four kinds of food can emit toxins.

4, mung bean

honey, and there are a variety of essential amino acids and vitamins, have a very good effect for laxative and detoxification, eat honey appropriate can emit toxins.

1, kiwi

eat what body detox? It simply introduces several kinds of food can help the body detoxification, in addition, lemon, apple, pineapple and other fruits, and vegetables such as bitter gourd, melon is good for detoxification of food, in the daily diet can eat some, slowly can be removed from the body poison.

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