Gu Beichun the two entrepreneur of Mcglaughlin

October 26, 2010, Mcglaughlin Nasdaq, becoming China’s first B2C electricity supplier concept.

for 14 years ago, Mcglaughlin, quite dramatic.

Mcglaughlin was established in 1996, is the first China approved by the government, engaged in mail order business of foreign enterprises, in a few years later, it was the largest growth for the Chinese mail order company.

is more dramatic than that.

October 26th, bell was listed on the Nasdaq, Mcglaughlin is the largest shareholder of Sequoia Capital Fund China Shen Napeng and CEO energy-saving, and they, in Mcglaughlin, is "later".

1996, Warburg fund was established in 2008, Mcglaughlin, because the fund expires, the total Huaping for $about 80000000 will hold its Mcglaughlin all of the shares transferred to the Chinese Sequoia Capital Fund, and Gu Beichun from 2001 to join Mcglaughlin and served as CEO.

before and after the IPO, Mcglaughlin shares in the proportion of 13.8% and 11.6%.

he said, "no Founder (founder) position is worth, not too much, not too little"; but he does not see himself as "occupation managers", and more willing to see themselves as a "entrepreneurs".

in fact, for nearly 10 years, energy-saving "director" Mcglaughlin from the brink of bankruptcy to the "supplier first unit" role conversion.

10 years to rebuild Mcglaughlin

Mcglaughlin Shen Napeng told investors listed on the same day, energy-saving and team congratulations; as early as the end of 2008, China Ping to $about 80000000 will be held by the equity transfer all the Sequoia, energy-saving has received a long letter to Sun Qiang, for he had saved the company 8 years ago almost collapse.


was founded after several years, Mcglaughlin is a completely rely on the mail order sales of women’s company, and now is different, at that time, due to the internationalization of the management team do not understand the Chinese market, sales of clothing "is consistent with Europe in the elderly in China taste, poor sales market.

April 2001, energy-saving from Bertelsmann parachuted into Mcglaughlin, he is in Sun Qiang’s recommendation to join, then, Mcglaughlin needed to find a understand China market to reverse the situation. Originally, Gu is going to find Sun Qiang to prepare their own financing, the creation of a catalogue of the company. Sun Qiang hopes to save Mcglaughlin.

then the energy-saving, inherited a mess: the book is only $2 million in cash, only enough to send a staff of more than a month wages; last year loss of 60 million yuan.

, the new government took office three fire, for energy-saving, difficult task.

joined at the beginning of his first test

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