Changchun online shopping double eleven to grab goods leave one day to nternet cafes

, come on, put this in the shopping cart." Changchun online shopping family Chen Lu these days busy, every day she would see things on the Internet, see the right into the shopping cart, ready to "double eleven" centralized purchase.

and Chen Lu, once a year electricity supplier war officially kicked off today, for this day, can say a lot of online shopping from November 11th last year, after waiting for November 11th of this year, online shopping have zero in today’s waiting in front of the computer, the Internet berserk is underway.

online: Double eleven big promotion electricity supplier ready

"double eleven" is the most concentrated business promotion day, major shopping sites 10 reporters login when it found that the "double eleven" panic buying words of various shopping sites also meet the eye everywhere, some of the goods onto the front page of the site, of course, is the most conspicuous discounts.

in the home of a well-known shopping site, a wide range of preferential information has been filled with web pages, colorful promotional pictures are also very attractive to consumers. Daily economic news reporter noted that in order to facilitate the purchase of online shopping, electricity providers who will all kinds of discount information summary, and then recommend consumers into the shopping cart, so it is easier for consumers to buy.

in addition to discounts, coupons, and payment envelopes also has become an important means to attract consumers to the electricity supplier this year. In short, electricity providers who are already ready to meet this year’s double eleven electricity supplier war.

consumers: to steal goods to go to Internet cafes

"double eleven" shopping is not only electricity supplier who contest days, but also test when online shopping of people eye grassland. A lot of chop hand family early on waiting for the arrival of this day, even a week ahead of time to prepare, choose your favorite merchandise into the shopping cart.

interview, the reporter found that there are a lot of online shopping in Changchun in order to double eleven grab goods, and some units in advance and colleagues in the class, and some even leave directly, is to concentrate on buying discounted merchandise.

Changchun citizens Liu Na is one of them, she has a lot of things to buy, in order to be able to successfully buy goods on this day, she simply asked the unit to leave. This is not the case, she felt the home computer speed is too slow, afraid not grab, ready to find a very fast Internet cafes, where to participate in the double eleven snapped.

experts: to save a good shopping vouchers

now "double eleven" has become the world’s largest online shopping day, this day, hundreds of millions of express parcel will have, but in the interview process every year, the reporter also found that in the later stage, the return amount is more, it involves a lot of online shopping at that time in order to grab the goods, did not do a good job of goods or consider goods for their own use value.

in this regard, insiders suggested that consumers must follow the principle of shopping on demand, can not blindly look at the price

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