Micro-blog help Tmall double 11 red envelopes 3 million 300 thousand


technology news November 18th afternoon news, micro-blog today announced that during the double eleven campaign, 12000 orange V, including 1111 Chinese and foreign friends from all walks of life star red envelopes; more than 3300 times to grab red envelopes; Issue 3 million 300 thousand. Micro-blog and Tmall for the depth of cooperation of the double 11, detonated a passion for Internet shopping.

on micro-blog, Tmall 11 double red envelopes become one of the most talked about hot topics. Only # double 11# my topic in the number reached 450 million, more than 2 billion 400 million of the amount of reading blog. Tmall # mysterious package # topic blog reading volume 700 million, the number of participants 110 million.

as an important partner of Tmall, micro-blog is Tmall in addition to master only envelopes payment platform, in order to give users more benefits and stimulation, the Tmall issued on micro-blog red does not limit the use threshold and the minimum amount of consumption, in the double 11 day Tmall full general.

11 Tmall this year, the main push globalization, wireless and platform, driven by the wireless strategy, micro-blog users can participate in activities through the PC and mobile terminals. Taking into account that this year’s double 11 is working day, the combination of wireless terminals and activities becomes very important. Micro-blog has 78% active users login via mobile terminal is an interactive platform to promote the key to Tmall wireless strategy, to form an effective stimulus for user consumption in addition, open sides account for the majority of users access to affordable create smoother user experience, and ultimately promote the Tmall 11 sales record.

micro-blog as the topic of fermentation detonated the best social platform, but also accumulated a massive star resources. The red envelopes, ordinary micro-blog users can recommend their idol as a red envelope ambassador. 11 # double red partner solicitation topic amount of reading # to more than 120 million, in 19 million 220 thousand the number of successful collection of orange V 12000 users, a netizen of red envelopes, it is worth mentioning that the selected 1111 days cat red partner covering heavy number of 290 million fans. Jam Hsiao, Wu Xiubo, angelababy, William Chan, Coco Lee, Louis Koo, Yang Mi, Beckham and other foreign star fans personally red envelopes, including Jam Hsiao, angelababy and William Chan were sent out nearly 700 thousand red, touted by the users.

Ali investment micro-blog, the cooperation between the two sides launched in each business line, the double 11 micro-blog and Tmall to red envelopes, is to further deepen the cooperation between the two sides, but also for future cooperation has laid a solid foundation. (munan)

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