Taobao remediation tablet and mobile phone market sellers need to pay 50 thousand deposit

news September 29th, the day before, Taobao rules issued "on" /MID tablet computer "category new product release notice" standard, clear the requirements and release of goods requires sellers category.

According to

billion state power network to understand, sellers of goods issued in the "/MID tablet computer" category, to meet any of the following conditions: one is the consumer protection services, and pay not less than 50000 yuan deposit; two is required for businesses and shops, must be brand from the store or brand authorized stores.

at the same time, if the merchant store margin plan to meet the amount of 50 thousand yuan, you can use the margin plan instead of paying cash deposit. Margin plan will be based on the protection of the amount of historical data stores, credit and other reference dimension changes.

meet the above two conditions are not once and for all, Taobao will be repaying the treatment does not meet the requirements of the release of goods goods.

product release requirements include:


, the title of the commodity shall accurately describe the commodity name of the commodity brand, the model and the label of the outer packing of the goods, and shall not appear to be inconsistent with the actual information of the commodity or irrelevant.

two, "the official replacement", "two mobile phone" to be in the commodity title, details page clearly marked, not a "new".

three, to ensure that the product type, attribute parameters and product description of the title of the same content.

In addition to the

, the use of tablet PCs and tablet PCs require different. If used in the tablet computer tablet released under the category of second-hand tablet computer, to meet the requirements of the "50 thousand and above the margin" or "enterprise + store brand authorization"; if the second-hand second-hand tablet computer tablet released in the category of second-hand tablet computer, the need to meet the "businesses +2 million deposit".

billion state power network has learned, after Taobao mobile phone: a deposit of 10000 yuan.

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