Taobao mall was renamed Tmall and spread the goods to draw the line

from Taobao mall, in the hope that "Tmall" changed its name to see the sun, and carries it has been trying to create a "quality city" change of Taobao mall netizens are not confused with impression.


early in its early years, abruptly from Ebay to seize a large number of businesses, and firmly occupied the C2C online shopping market, only the use of a free shop strategy, this strategy allows Taobao to become a loyal supporter of many people. Ma won the market, also won the poll, but Taobao is not all free? Obviously not, after expanding the Taobao began in the internal differentiation, in order to derive more source of fees, in April 2008, began independent operations B2C Taobao mall, and the end of the B2C operation fee free.

but in free strategy, but also attract a large number of cheap "spread the goods transferred to the internet. Today, Taobao search on the Internet, is still everywhere, "Taobao" and "spread the goods" related words. And spread the goods is synonymous with low-quality products.

There is no denying the fact that is indeed full of small brands, unlicensed and counterfeit products on Taobao. But Taobao intends to distinguish between Taobao mall believes that these have nothing to do with them.

unfortunately, many Internet users do not have the sense to distinguish between Taobao and Taobao mall, for them, are on Taobao". Buy product quality is good or bad, it seems completely luck. Taobao mall entrance is still anchored in the Taobao search online, provides convenience for the users of reality does not distinguish between with Taobao mall.

despite years of intentional Taobao mall propaganda, is Taobao, Taobao and Taobao mall, users of the unconscious and understanding, will undoubtedly make anxious to turn from popular literature or art highbrow Taobao mall is a headache.

many people think that the Taobao mall changed its name Tmall and Taobao mall in 2011 to raise prices, intended to Taobao related. By renaming, a substantial increase in the price to achieve a new position to build Taobao mall reputation. Make a clear distinction with Taobao.

Wang Shuai, vice president of Alibaba

said, Tmall is not to Taobao. But as we see, in the Taobao search box "online mall" has become the "Tmall", may not go to Taobao means that it will not peel off from the Taobao website, still rely on to grab traffic, eating "spread the goods flow. But we’ll see, "Tmall" explanation: the cat is sexy and tasteful, Tmall is the representative of the online shopping, fashion, sexy, fashion and quality; a born picky, picky picky picky brand, quality, environment, the definition of which is fit to build the quality of Tmall online shopping in the city. The location, population and is not mentioned in the same breath.

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