Supplier exposing electricity supplier price war truth the most traditional stores injured

every reporter Zheng Peishan from Chengdu

you Changba me play, in between Jingdong, Suning and Gome price war to enter the fifth day.

, the price war is different from the past, it seems that the war between Jingdong and Suning Gome, in fact, the game is online and offline." National consumer electronics channel alliance Secretary General Wu Xianjian to the daily economic news reporter pointed out that, regardless of Jingdong, Suning or the United States, in fact, this is the winner of the price war.


from a well-known home appliance manufacturers insiders provide another truth online channel this price war to the "daily economic news" reporter began with offline channels for pricing, and pricing right behind the game is not only the supplier to pay, at the same time online channels have begun to compete for the channel line passenger flow.

supplier insiders pointed out that the United States, Suning and Gome’s physical distribution channels affected a lot, the initial estimate of the loss of more than ten million yuan under the line.

supplier: "don’t play with them"

last weekend, Suning Gome once again launched a high-profile online and offline unified price promotions. In fact, the line of the concept of uniform prices in early August 8th has been Suning proposed, but with the deepening of activities to each city stores channel, a channel between producers and suppliers of the game to start again.

however, the continuation of the price war so that suppliers can not sit still.

a well-known domestic appliance brand supplier insiders to the daily economic news reporter broke the news, if the price war again, then we do not accompany them to play. We have repeatedly asked Suning and the national hair salon to stop such acts of disrupting market prices."

according to the reporter, the price war, many suppliers have to Suning, Gome sent a letter of protest, that is to say, the control manufacturers have begun to use their own hands, to stop the speculation under the low-cost dispute. According to a market sources, according to the contract, manufacturers can to disrupt the price of nominal fee to deduct part of rebate channels, ranging from 20 thousand to 50 thousand, more than 100 thousand.

A Hisense insider

told reporters, "we do not comment on the incident, but we have the internal price management system strictly, we absolutely do not adhere to the principles of price war."

the supplier insiders, "our headquarters has issued a document, clearly gives the online price of a limited supply of products, more than the bottom line, we can quit the game like Haier."

domestic home appliance brand suppliers are from the brutal price war to survive, unlike the current online and offline price war, after the price war, the participants are all brands rather than channels. The brand competition is the price competition between the brands of the family, "

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