Tonight hotel special offer two Jingdong investment, play is what

Zhou Yu hit Gai, one would like to make a wish to. Jingdong investment tonight hotel special, also quite this style. The key point is to see who, Zhou Yu, Huang Gai is to show to see Cao Cao, the Jingdong and the tonight hotel special offer is for investors to see.

have very small woman, two founding man and a good hotel tonight special offer. Tonight hotel special CEO Deng Tianzhuo, that is, we have to pass as the vice president of Jingdong who is a technical man, there are Microsoft background. COO Ren Xin, tourism and commercial industries for the elderly, eloquent, often on behalf of the company in. Well, the most important thing is that they are 80.

well. Tonight hotel special early start financing, as early as 2012 Ctrip $500 million set off OTA industry price war. Tonight hotel special offer was also involved in the war, bayonet to grab the user’s time, not some blood flow which is fought. Before doing this round of financing, the hotel tonight only made a round of angel financing, $4 million, accounting for 20% of shares, by several industry heavyweights portfolio investment. Then, tonight hotel special offer is a fragrant steamed bun, these investors are chasing investment.

good times don’t last long fearless, tonight hotel special offer reshang OTA gangster ctrip. Tonight the official version is Ctrip began to inform the hotel, do not cooperate with tonight, or put them on the list from the top shelf. Panic Hotel, compared to tonight, can not do without ctrip. Note that I also said that this is the official version, but the little girl and later both men communicate, know the inside story is no longer the disclosure. The small company has just come out, always in order to host, to find someone out of luck.

tonight hotel special business model is very simple, the initial position is to help the hotel fine management, popular point, is to help the hotel to sell after 6 points did not sell out of the room. It is to sell the stock, however, is the day. For example, you get a room from Ctrip 7 days to $200, but after you get to 6 points, you need to take only $150 through the hotel tonight. The hotel is likely to give tonight’s price is 120, then tonight earned 30 yuan price difference. Because the model is very light, very low cost, APP has attracted many businessmen and fling fans.

soon, the difficulty is coming.

first, for many business travelers, travel is not just for one day, the next day will be impossible to re scheduled, in order to save money but also may be the company’s money, he repeated a predetermined. Secondly, Ctrip, eLong, with the way travel network soon followed, as well as Taobao travel, the United States mission quickly follow, so this was a very small niche into a piece of the red sea. The most critical thing is that the hotel is a serious mistake on the strategy, cut into the market should not be cut, that is, Taobao travel, Ctrip, eLong market, do a normal day hotel reservation. There is no market for tonight. Big expansion, it means a big investment, tonight will soon be

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