Tonlion double 11 new products accounted for 80%, playing breaking up couples game


] October 25th news billion state power network, the state power grid on line before Tonlion electricity supplier is responsible for Gao Feiyang, invited the interpretation of the two preparations for Tonlion this year eleven.

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Gao Feiyang revealed to billion state power network, Tonlion double in eleven years, now for the double eleven more rational attitude. This year, Tonlion participated in the promotion of the eleven sub venue, the current value of about $100 million stocking. 80% of which are new products, there are a variety of online and offline to maintain the same line of 100. Double eleven day, online and offline product activities may be slightly different, but the price will not be too much difference.

Gao Feiyang introduction, Tonlion this year’s double eleven with many different points in previous years. First of all, in terms of logistics, Tonlion belongs to the Bo group opened a logistics center near Shanghai, Jiashan, so this year Tonlion eleven logistics will be more smooth.

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billion state power network to understand, this year Tonlion eleven of the biggest bright spot is that the layout of O2O. Gao Feiyang revealed that this year’s Tonlion O2O layout is divided into two lines: the first line is done offline and online integration. This year, Tonlion has 200 stores under the line of data and mobile phone Taobao open, consumers through two-dimensional scanning shop code can log on Taobao mobile phone Tonlion flagship store, buy goods in shops, shops for limited display space problems.

second line is directly into the young people, for the country in various regions of college students launched the O2O marketing program. Gao Feiyang said Tonlion, WeChat has developed a "break ups" game based on on-line now. Young people through the game can get a variety of coupons, the actual consumption. Tonlion will cooperate with some colleges and universities near the logistics company, the game’s two-dimensional code in the form of logistics paste paste directly on the student’s package.

in addition, at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology logistics base, in order to attract more young people concerned about Tonlion, Tonlion at the base of setting up a line of stores to achieve better O2O, increase brand exposure.

learned billion state power network, a O2O layout for the ten, Tonlion invested about 2 million yuan. The eleven tone is: "still Tonlion, open play school".

it is understood that the leisure apparel brand Tonlion is currently the product transformation, from this year’s autumn began, Tonlion style will change from casual fashion to light luxury style, consumer groups positioning for 18-25 old fashion personality of young consumers.

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