Ma Yun was hit by the new regulations in the development of online shopping has three worry Taobao w

State Administration for Industry and commerce authorities in Hangzhou recently a meeting revealed that in the "Interim Measures" of the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management before the introduction of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has repeatedly to e-commerce enterprises to solicit opinions, the Alibaba head of the MA in the discussion with the provisions when three times have expressed concern about the "Taobao will die".

Interim Measures for the management of online commodity trading and related services in July this year after the promulgation of the implementation, which is the first time for the country to regulate the online shopping.

2009 China online shopping scale of 263 billion yuan, of which Alibaba’s Taobao reached the nearest $208 billion 300 million. 2010 national online shopping is expected to exceed 500 billion yuan.

a worry: real name system all business registration

Market Department of the State Administration for Industry and commerce network specification director Liu Baoheng said, in the way of the development process, the real name system has real name registration, business registration, voluntary registration and other versions, the Alibaba had Ma made it clear that Taobao open shop sellers mostly rely on a computer if all the mandatory registration of business with a small capital, in accordance with the business site, registration capital requirements are difficult to meet, "Taobao will die".

of the "measures" to take a compromise, "mark" in general sellers to get through the trading platform after registration Lianbiao operation; with registration requirements, apply for business registration in accordance with the law, bright business.

two worries: the national industry and commerce under the jurisdiction of

as the network transaction covers all over the country for illegal behavior in online trading business sector jurisdiction, Ma Yun believes that if the incident to the jurisdiction in accordance with the line processing, business across the country are under the jurisdiction of the can, Taobao will also engage in.

of the "measures" provisions, commodity trading and related services network violations by illegal behavior of the operator of the website of domicile industrial and commercial administrative departments at or above the county level jurisdiction. Director of the State Administration for Industry and commerce market division director Liu Baoheng said that at present, Taobao Hangzhou City Industrial and Commercial Bureau under the jurisdiction of.

three worries: tort liability is not clear

online shopping in copycat piracy and other infringements harm, the website platform to take and what kind of responsibility? Liu Baoheng said, due to the huge trading volume, the person in charge of the exchange platform for Ma Yun to assume the tort liability is also concerned in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and, if the seller selling fake goods infringing Taobao must unconditionally assume joint responsibility, Ma Yun thought "Taobao will die".

"approach" provides that online shopping infringement platform should be in accordance with the tort liability act to take the necessary measures.

in accordance with the tort liability law, the use of network services network users to implement the infringement, the infringer shall have the right to notify the network service provider to take the removal, shielding, disconnection and other necessary measures. If the network service provider fails to take necessary measures in a timely manner after receiving the notification, the extension of the damage to the network user

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