SP in the end what should be done to make money

do SP have two roads, these two roads are not too difficult to walk. One is a set of templates to do SP, this is not I want to discuss, because I was engaged in training, know this thing is not one or two words can say clearly, after I make a profit for all aspects of the details of the instructions on a walk is built SP alliance platform road, I also run the SP alliance platform then I can experience here for everyone to share.

SP alliance platform profit model is to take home to the commission price is 8 yuan, then you to the home is 7 yuan, the difference is 1 yuan. The general price two said their domestic is the size of the SP alliance in 2 yuan, gathered at the platform: www.fqiji.com is not included, because the platform is a non – profit.

so the key point to operate such a platform where. The answer is very simple, in the channel, a SP alliance platform can not rely on a single channel profit, not to say that can not, if you only 1 channels so there is no special situation is very low uplink. So a lot of SP alliance platform to continue to find channels with different channel combinations to achieve a good upward, what good upward, upward 5.5% above can be upward but also, it must be better to ensure that 6% or more. I’m up here is to move up the channel to count, as well as the uplink Unicom, Unicom’s good uplink from the end of 11 this year to ensure that more than 7-8%. To be good. I will talk about how to do the union to make money.

1 development SP alliance procedures, procedures to find who is not important. How to develop, in fact, the line is to find an acquaintance of their own fancy SP alliance platform and then add their technology QQ talk about the development of the program. So people do not know how to develop the program inside the line it depends on Baidu search, or go to the United States such as the SP alliance platform software development to engage in.

there are a lot of details, the development of such a program to how much money: how to talk about 3000-5000 Technology: This… This content is too much, but a little bit must tell you, the other to dispel concerns, talked into something, to end.

2 find channel. After the platform itself is good with the part of the channel, such as no accident, the uplink channel is not ideal, (less than 4%), so we have to start looking for a platform channel, the rise of early 6-8 months in the basic operation of other Alliance 2 channel, platform operators for a long time 1, some hand channel chamber of Commerce take the initiative to come to you, or you find a channel business, of course, to talk with each other, so they use the channel, omitting this I have, then you will not cut the channel after the channel, also look for each other or the original program of technical personnel to help you deal with this, perhaps to spend 30-80 yuan.

there are a lot of details here, what is the channel? Forum posts, you can go to see. What is >

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