Who do you want to do business in China do not miss the children and the elderly


returned from Chengdu after a long vacation, the brain is empty, but will soon be put into work. Because of work reasons, will try to pay attention to entrepreneurs in this matter, there is a great difference between the western and the mainland and we IT practitioners at all.

is the essence of entrepreneurship, according to the sixth census data, China’s population has reached 1 billion 340 million. The first thing you want to do business, whose business, which is a group of people inside the 1 billion 340 million.

farmers or citizens?

according to data released by the Academy of Social Sciences in mid August, China’s urban population reached 691 million in 2011, the urbanization rate reached 51.27%. For the first time, the resident population in cities and towns has exceeded the rural resident population.

This means that

China entrepreneurship can do two kinds of people in the business, farmers and the public, from the perspective of the proportion of basic equivalence but the latter is a big trend, and the distribution is more intensive, more mature consumer habits, is currently the main business in all clients, everything is the sale of basic necessities of life.

but from another perspective, the Internet or technology, never in the real sense to change the agricultural population’s production and life, the Internet can be quickly copied, low cost scale, to some extent is to change the traditional farmers in production and life, rather than to wait until they are converted to the public.

and now we are considering to the city for up like a swarm of bees, the agricultural population of entrepreneurship competition is smaller, 700 million farmers business, is a big opportunity. But the biggest problem is that now shouting entrepreneurship those young guys are 80, born in 90s, college, graduate, master, PhD, students read out, they lack nituizi experience, it is difficult to do with two.

is an agricultural area cry piteously for food market, on the one hand is the enterprise product needs do not match, it seems not to buy ", perhaps for agricultural entrepreneurship will be in a way we never swept, we can see the optimistic.

east or west

to Heihe / Tengchong line, accounting for 43% of the eastern region of China, accounting for up to 94% of the population, which is the traditional sense of the East and west. If in accordance with the Internet business to take a few more details, here is the typical Zhejiang along the north east of the city, while Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Heilongjiang is to some extent the western city.

eastern city had experienced PC computer era, staffing a smart mobile phone, WeChat, micro-blog, comments have slipped the old, from time to time using a mobile phone to view today’s itinerary, weather conditions, traffic information, home to open the iPad movie video.

western cities may have skipped the PC computer era, because the goods are close to the people and easy to use the degree is not high, install the system, software

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