The diamond business xinwangfu completed the first round of 65 million yuan financing

news May 21st, diamond electric xinwangfu announced recently received $65 million from the first round of the three Red Cross fund investment, the financing will be mainly used to build its brand "happy marriage drill drill".


ten fund chairman Xu Dong said, "China diamond market currently has 220 billion yuan, the next five years will reach 400 billion yuan. Over the past 7 years to invest in diamonds about $1 billion 900 million, of which only 700 million of the electricity supplier diamond project, the total investment in the electricity supplier to get a diamond sales of only about 2 billion, so there is still a lot of space".

it is understood that before the main rival xinwangfu diamond bird, Ikazo, Kelan diamond and diamond business brand have obtained investment.

Xin Wanfu is the brand name of Hongkong Xin Fu Jewelry Co., ltd.. 2007 to test the waters of e-commerce, opened a store in Taobao; in 2010 opened a flagship store in Taobao, and won a single day sales of more than one million. (Hao Yu)

(source: NetEase technology report)

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