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at the end of last year, the party had issued a document that science and technology will become a 2016 yuan, the outbreak of Indiana marketing model year, indeed, years later, not only a variety of websites, such as app Indiana yuan after the bamboo shoots emerge, 360, Tencent, Jingdong, suning.com and other Internet giants have launched a $Indiana application or function. Not long ago, Fangwei technology found recently, playing live playing awfully millet, even last month in their millet congregation raised quietly on the line of "one yuan Indiana" function module.


yuan cloud purchase: the first person to eat crabs have earned pots full bowl full of

said a yuan Indiana business model, one yuan purchase cloud network is the first try, and then, NetEase, Baidu, thunder 2015, follow up, they can be said to be a few yuan Indiana the most mainstream platform, users very much. To one yuan cloud purchase site, for example, as of June 6th 17, the site’s home page shows the cumulative participation of more than 8 billion 210 million people, a total of goods announced a total of 5497061. Among them, a number of participants which means the user consumption of 1 yuan, if the site just two more hours of operation, profit than Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform more.

What is a



analysis of principle of Indiana yuan, is actually very simple, is a commodity divided into several "parts" for sale, 1 yuan each, then, when a commodity "equal" are all sold out, one of the lucky ones in the lucky ones can get the goods, which is not much difference is the online shopping + chip + lottery combination of innovation.

yuan Indiana why consumers with


traditional online shopping into all the chips and lottery play, consumers how suddenly become Danding, broke out in the "double eleven" as consumer enthusiasm? Because of a $Indiana platform through commodity split sales, greatly reduces the consumption threshold, such as iPhone 6S, BMW automobile, these expensive goods, in the traditional sales model, the majority of consumers may be far beyond reach here, that is 1 yuan to have the opportunity to have, therefore, who do not want to try it? Not to mention the 1 yuan is now not to buy a steamed stuffed bun, a bottle of water, really better to bring luck good luck, and look forward to receiving a surprise.

yuan Indiana: business powder suction drainage of new

a $Indiana business model, in addition to meet and release to consumers shopping desire in the same wallet under the condition that the thickness. For businesses, but also a new way to absorb powder drainage. According to the traditional sales model, merchants sell a commodity can be accumulated to a customer, and through a $Indiana mode, sell a commodity can get N customers. At the same time, plus the consumers share, fission spread in the circle of friends Slide Show, product and brand exposure is to further enhance. Therefore, this is for the promotion of the business, the rapid accumulation of target customers or to clean up the backlog of inventory >

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