The electronic commerce touted by investors in 2011 industry shopping era

January 4th, Le Amoy network officially announced the third round of financing has been credited to the total amount of two hundred million yuan. After the second round of financing, the money is still on the account, originally did not intend to rush financing." Amoy network vice president Chen Hu said, "we are to predict the situation in 2011, it will be more competitive for a year, users will be more aggressive. We can’t fight without preparation."

The third round of financing idea

at the beginning of December 2010, investors quickly response. "Simple, fast, this time the financing is very smooth." Chen Hu said. Music Amoy network financing so smooth, just reflects the current investors on China’s e-commerce blitz. A pen and a pen investment, and this industry into the era of "shopping".

full sprint IPO

music Amoy on the market pre judgment is justified. Capital markets are now quite crazy about the concept of e-commerce in China, 2011 will be a year of capital competition. Many enterprise financing is not completely out of business growth, but capital is not at a disadvantage." Beijing is looking Consulting Co., Ltd. President Lv Bowang analysis.

Dangdang and Mcglaughlin listed in 2010, marking the capital market recognition of the concept of e-commerce in China, but also to stimulate investors’ search for Chinese Amazon speculative enthusiasm. Analysys data provided by 2010, China’s e-commerce industry financing amount up to $1 billion. 2006 ~ 2009 China e-commerce B2C industry investment amount of only $600 million. This statistics, which does not include music Amoy just completed the financing.

Lv Bowang believes that China’s B2C industry in 2011, the hot market will continue: more VCs to enter, more entrepreneurs to enter, will form the Internet bubble, Web2.0 third venture and investment boom.

go back to the beginning of the twenty-first Century Chinese first Internet bubble era, financing, expansion, burn, listing, one is the birth of the capital chain, more than the nature of business. In the short term does not consider earnings, market share, the number of users, the growth rate, which is the most valuable e-commerce companies." An industry source said, "the concept of electronic commerce is currently being sought after capital markets, is a good time for listed companies, all in the sprint, if you miss this batch, it is very difficult to."

"in the mall of Jingdong, we are listed on the goal of driving away, desperately forward." A because of excessive work pressure from Jingdong mall employees, managers often say is "willing to do it, do not want to leave, because market expectations, more and more people are willing to endure high intensity work and not generous salary. And this state of mind, at present some of the e-commerce business is being honored IPO, very common.

Lv Bowang believes that the investment boom will continue in 2011, investors will slowly calm down after 2012. But China >

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