Gome’s largest online price war renege sample only 40% cash

Beijing daily news (reporter Intern Shao Lanjie Wang Chao) by the electricity supplier 8· 18 to promote the limelight, a high-profile launch "in the history of the largest and longest exchange that low price, the price is lower than the full Jingdong in the United States online, does not seem to fully comply with commitments. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter randomly selected 20 mainstream commodities contrast found that as of 18 this month, at 20, the United States online only less than $8 commodity prices. Although the United States online customer service said that the price is higher than the Jingdong, can send a link via micro-blog occasionally get cash vouchers. But as of 20 pm yesterday, Gome online service did not respond to the reporter’s private letter. At the same time, Gome online products 1 yuan price advantage, I am afraid it is difficult to fill in the gap between the brand and Jingdong.

on the contraction strategy performance to pick up the day before the United States announced a high profile in the second half of the electricity supplier strategic goals – comprehensive online and offline beyond suning.com, the price is lower than the full Jingdong. This also makes the United States were once marginalized suction eye line incident became popular. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters yesterday in the United States online home page found that the United States is online, "8· 18 peak war" promotional activities, "you will lose" the information is also prominently in the home page. Gome online before the date of the Jingdong announced a high-profile "you will lose the scope of a comprehensive upgrade, not only covering the refrigerator, washing machine, color TV, air conditioning, kitchen, and extends to the core category, mobile phone, digital computer, small appliances and other Jingdong.

, however, found that compared to the actual price of the Beijing Daily reporter selected 20 mainstream product in TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, mobile phone and other 10 categories, including 3 high commodity prices than the Jingdong, 9 commodity price two, 8 commodity prices low in the United States online Jingdong. Previously, in accordance with the United States online chairman Mou Guixian released e-mail messages show that the above price strategy will start in August 11th. Orville consulting analyst Guo Zhangyou believes that the home appliance industry gross profit is very low, the space is limited, the propaganda which companies are the lowest prices.

the United States online customer service staff said, the Jingdong found than expensive, you can get 100 yuan coupons through micro-blog private letter sent links, each ID can be sent 5 times; successful purchase user commodity price discovery than your Jingdong, Gome online compensation 300 yuan cash coupon.

Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters also found that the price is lower than 8 of Jingdong’s goods, the price difference between the 3 commodities in the $1. Including the price of 1198 yuan for the U.S. refrigerator, PHILPS’s $198 razor, and $68 CASIO calculator. In the industry view, although played a cheap card, but 1 yuan price advantage, is unlikely to fill between Gome online and Jingdong in brand credibility gap.

despite the electricity supplier who is still a low price tag, but the giants have begun to weaken the price war. In the two quarter earnings conference call, Jingdong Group founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong bluntly, China’s electricity supplier development today, for consumers, a simple price war is difficult

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