Chaotic after-sales service to buy the network where to go

group purchase popular point is that a group of people organized to go to buy something, businesses because people buy more, can reduce marketing costs, the price is very low so businesses can give a market not to see, and buyers can also get some unusual low price. Thus saving money. From this point of view, in fact, buy a win-win situation. And the group is also officially because of this, the development of fire. Large and small webmaster, Internet giant, have been involved in this industry, want to point a cake.

2010 can be said to be a year to buy, Groupon fire, the domestic large and small to buy the station is also a fire, and the people’s greetings every day seems to have become the mission today you".

buy a variety of prosperity behind the development of its various problems have begun to slowly show up. The group purchase website have burst "fake", "the merchant of breach of contract, the consumer after the initial enthusiasm, began to reason up slowly, for a variety of group purchase, is no longer only look at the price, and attention is the quality of service.

the author because of the relationship between the work, may contact the site to buy more, for the site to buy a variety of problems exposed after the sale, would like to express their views.

now buy network has exposed some problems, roughly divided into two categories. (such as the analysis of the common network group purchase group purchase group purchase, building materials, auto idle away in seeking pleasure, not on the list of group purchase network analysis)

1, if the group is the physical goods, how to ensure that the goods are authentic, how the description of the goods is true, there is no fraud. Because buy, consumers directly hit the money to the merchant, if you are not satisfied with the goods, only to find the appropriate after-sales, but this is not a very good buy aftermarket. Some well-known buy station has its own after-sales service system, but there is no buy some stations after sale. And now a lot of buy 7 days unconditional commitment to the station. These things, the original intention is good, but the real implementation of the process, as if not so smooth. And do not say that this is a refund to go through some of the procedures for the application of the audit, even if the consent of the refund, until the money back to the hands of consumers. Time is a ten and a half months.

for this, in fact, 7 days unconditional refund, in itself is a good way, the rest is to do, standardize the process. Increase of efficiency。 So that the 7 day unconditional refund really play a role, not just a form.

2, if the group purchase is packages such as idle away in seeking pleasure is a headache for most consumers, "distinction" and "invisible consumption". The so-called "distinction" is in some businesses when providing services to consumers, for group purchase to consumers, reduce the quality of service or shoddy. The distinction is the hardest hit by the general food packages, discount or catering service attitude is buckled, shoddy.

"invisible consumption", this person should be understood from the literal meaning, that is, in the consumer >

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