Where is the way for the graduates of higher vocational colleges to get flowers

in the context of the global financial crisis, employment has become a hot topic, how to seize the focus of vocational graduates in low education under the condition of employment has become a difficulty, where we will go the way. In recent years, there have been complaints of parents and students, the University and college students, vocational students are becoming increasingly difficult to find work. In fact, according to statistics, at present, the developed countries and regions the number of secondary school students can not meet the needs of social development, why our graduates in the job search process was repeatedly rebuffed? Educational experts believe that the secondary schools and vocational high school students to find a job, in addition to the society and the recruitment of one-sided pursuit of higher education abroad secondary school students, professional skills are not solid, job direction is not correct, they also lead to "difficult employment" of the important reasons.

at the same time, in the background of the current global financial crisis, the unemployment rate continues to rise, the undergraduates have been cast aside to grab the secondary schools and vocational high school students "jobs", let the moderate degree of talent employment prospects are not optimistic.

May 2008, in Zhejiang, Hangzhou, graduating from high school, met a relaxed optimization company executives. Because the qualifications, status and other conditions poor, helpless young man became a "love flash". In the face of failure, the young man does not believe, he taught himself to improve, in order to narrow the gap. Because at that time, e-commerce is more popular in Hangzhou, the mayor of Hangzhou has been to visit the eastern Software Park in Hangzhou, visit the. Therefore, he believes that e-commerce will be a star industry. The young man on his own efforts to establish a "warm flowers", this is a B2C with their own hands to create, so that a child was born. Warm flowers is a young boy.

day after day in the past, warm flowers also slowly grow up, it is the crystallization of the sweat and tears of irrigation, in the debugging constantly, constantly upgrade, improve ceaselessly, improve the degree of customer experience, improve the search experience, better service to our customers. And in December 2008 officially opened, unified telephone or online client, then arrange the city signed Florist flowers, bold lad said: "whatever your sweetheart in what city, shop to ensure arrive within 1 to 12 hours. The first flowers, after the payment; not satisfied, do not make money."

2008 Christmas orders 150 orders, flowers on both sides of the Changjiang River, one-time return of nearly 2000 yuan. Customers reflect the good, said the service is good, the quality of clearance, the flowers in a timely manner, which Mr. Tan said: "order flowers in the warm flowers, I solved several years to the difficult problem of remote girlfriend flowers. I thank the warm flowers, you gave me the message of love bridge "; chinanews.com reporter also interviewed the boy, at the time of the article is this: (Beijing, December 25 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Wang Enmin) on Christmas by Chinese people gradually evolved into a Valentine’s Day present, as all the romantic Hangzhou, flowers economy is one of the focus of the day. However, in the back of the street store, a network platform

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