B2B usher in a new turning point

first, for B2B e-commerce platform, which carries more than 90% of its profit model is small and medium enterprises. As the B2B industry competition tends to be temporarily stable, the expansion of the scale will be in the field of B2B cooling, it is replaced by the structure optimization and business digging. Alibaba listed, let Ali received a large number of capital injection, reached a historical peak of Chinese; electronic commerce, especially the road of e-commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises, Ali listing will make the network boom continues, however, for the Alibaba’s business will part, hot business is not good. This seems to be a sea of iron. But as an imitation of Alibaba R & D business network Sheng Technology of their demo station (http://s.demo1.websen.net). He has a firm belief that the electronic commerce a specific


Ali listed with the hot B2B e-commerce market, so the market structure of several major B2B giants will not change in a short time. B2B the cake is still expanding, B2B giant door contest also did not go to fight at outrance point. Business and service of the deep and structural optimization is the main chord Chinese B2B 08 years.

it is understood that the industry B2B website there are 6 main modes, including the supply and demand of business information service, information service industry to join in, service, project outsourcing services, online trading services and technology community service mode.

and B2B for many years engaged in the research of Li Xuejiang believes that the enterprise should choose the corresponding website mode according to the characteristics of the industry, can also be a combination of 1-2 models, but preferably not more than 2 models, "because these patterns are mature, the risk is relatively low, if it is to imitate the Alibaba, will result in a waste of resources."

two, B2B latest turning point is the arrival of the network economy era of innovation model.

B2B, the industrial scale is continually expanding rapidly, and the Alibaba listed, will bring up the Chinese is the largest Internet enterprise, the development of e-commerce platform such as hc360.com apartment layout has also been conducted door scale. It is because of the emergence of HC network technology based on imitating HC years of experience in R & D system (http://s.demo.websen.net) for you to see here, as an aspiring developer, love for the B2B industry website that is to say.

on the other hand, the search has become one of the biggest excitement after the portal, e-commerce. If Baidu search engine and the value of its business prospects have been recognized by the market, so more and more directly to the B2B vertical search engine, for the growing e-commerce sector, will undoubtedly have a stronger practical and functional.

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