Trend interpretation of industrial products to embrace the electronic business platform is the bigge

in the background of industrial products, industrial products profit weak current, we determine the industrial businesses will actively change the mode of operation, from the "Daoye" to "service provider", the profit model by the "Bo market" to "earn commission"; from "grassroots" to the "data", by industrial product platform of open and transparent trading data of their own, and then through the "data pledge" way to get better and cheaper credit financing; from "individual" to "alliance", in order to obtain greater economies of scale. Industrial products: business transformation will become a trend towards service providers, embrace the data, hold together and win-win.

difficult to make money, financing difficulties, a single profit model is the vast majority of the common status of industrial goods

more than 65% of the industrial businesses in the first half of 2014 net profit is low, half of the 82% industrial businesses even normal production and operation of capital requirements are not satisfied, 70% of the industrial products business profit model is still mainly Daomaidaomai earn spreads.

industrial goods merchants embrace industrial goods electricity supplier is still very large space, generally preferred third party electricity supplier platform

91% industrial businesses by 2014 industrial electricity supplier transactions (matching + self + consignment) amount does not exceed 10 million, and these industrial businesses in 63% industrial products with annual sales of more than 50 million, visible industrial businesses involved in industrial electricity supplier to a lesser degree, continue to embrace industrial electricity supplier of the space is very large. For the advantages of industrial goods electricity supplier, 68% industrial goods merchants believe that procurement is convenient, cheap, easier access to financing, the country’s 40% (East China region, 53%) of the most optimistic about the prospects for the development of industrial goods in the third party.

industrial businesses generally believe that the crisis is not over, the circulation of at least 300 million potential space

63% industrial businesses that "industrial crisis is not over," 52% industrial businesses that the producer to terminal 100,65% spread over the industrial businesses that can reduce the circulation of at least 30 yuan. Although the absolute value is not large, but relative to the average profit of industrial products, has been very impressive, and this needs to be realized through industrial electricity supplier.

article source: 8 warehouse industrial products mall

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