E-commerce selling products or selling feeling

recently in the operation of a B2C site, has accumulated a number of ideas, most want to communicate with you is that we want to sell products or to sell feeling.

indeed, every site in the sale, in essence, are selling products, if you happen to be standardized products, then the most direct way is to find the cheapest source of goods, selling the lowest price.

standard products are standardized products of difficulty, bring the price down to the "G-spot", but still can not live customer. Low cost network, consumers simply do not have loyalty, who is looking for cheap. So Dangdang and excellence Sike, Newegg and BOE of war, all prices, we do not make money, around the bigger cake but not eat a bite.

do not complain about customer infidelity, mainly consumers do not call you, although we have to impose electronic business name.

now consumers, not just for the needs of the purchase, many times for his appreciation and support attitude to spend money. So now the department store all kinds of goods, will raise some brand story to cater to people’s consumption psychology.

department store itself to do the store environmental issues, such as the Bund No. 18 mysterious luxury, long light line, high-end brand stores in Hong Kong, Huijin exchange brand discount, all identify the corresponding population.

compared with the traditional department stores, even if it is something more outstanding, Dangdang, but is also a stall on the Internet, is the largest open market. This is the website of B2C sin, B2C is still very young, we need to use the price butcher face will kill out to fight everyone’s eye. However, the great cause of the butcher should be only temporary work with the B2C price blindly, bad business rules have not yet to benefit, what is a dog in the manger.

e-commerce in the future to make profit, be sure to learn mature experience in traditional retail industry, around the "traffic, conversion rate, customer price, two purchase rate" planning, so that consumers value identity advocated for you, and become your fans.

may be very far in the future, but may wish to start now:

1, open an official blog, talk about your team values.

2, analyze what types of customers you need, refine to your heart, and then tell them to your customers.

3, make your comment lively or "be" lively.

4, allow customers to come back again, you will have a chance to brainwash.

5, cater to the needs of your customers.

6, to the customer’s distinguished service, can not afford to provide the service to look like.

above may not be difficult to do, really do, you will find that the price is not a problem, Congratulations, you no longer need the great cause of the butcher it!

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