Double eleven, the electricity supplier broadcast how to play Reflect the four cases let you know

2016, the broadcast became a new Internet worthy of the air. Broadcast platform to fight the major electricity supplier is also just unfolding, have reached the battlefield live.

May 24th, Liu Yan live in Taobao, Juhuasuan in August 4th, "the star Satin hand" Joker and Wowkie Zhang fit broadcast, August 18th, Suning Shopping Festival opened a "business + live mode, hired a number of live stars Suning headquarters…… A "Warlords" trend.


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live can solve the traditional e-commerce scenario, the user can not directly to the scene experience, not interactive social pain points, but because of the lack of experience, the electricity supplier play broadcast the "flow artifact" is not so simple. Many people think that the live + electricity supplier is merely a form of TV shopping, but, because of the lack of adhesion on the platform, and the red star network fans it is difficult to precipitate in the business platform, businesses hit under the original capital and invited the star network red faced "guobayin killed embarrassment.

has a suction gold before the results, double eleven soon, the major electricity providers have begun to layout live. A "bloody" live war triggered at any moment. And how in the double eleven war to blaze a new trail? The major electricity supplier also need to talk to reflect off other professional broadcast platform to learn from.

live + electricity supplier = disguised TV shopping?

in the TV shopping platform, the shopping guide is also used to experience the goods + recommended model to sell goods, and the electricity supplier and there is no essential difference in the broadcast, but the negative reports continue to operate dismal. When the novelty is over, to sell for the purpose of live electricity supplier will probably freeze cooling.

has a lot of viewers just because of the likes of stars and impulse consumption. After the excitement, the platform may return to the lonely, broadcast live among the users most likely to burst will not become effective customer.

well-known Internet scholars, China Internet association "Internet plus" research and Consulting Center Deputy Director Li Yi said, according to his observation and judgment, it is difficult to form a normal broadcast. This form of short-term speculation as a gimmick can be, but it should be regarded as a stable business model may be wrong."

traditional electricity supplier flow bonus period has passed, the electricity supplier for the network or red, the layout of the live worth mentioning, in fact, are in order to get new traffic entrance.

face live + electricity supplier business model is difficult to continue the argument, the industry has recognized the content or an important breakthrough.

, as the person in charge of the project, said Jingdong broadcast, the network is essentially a new form of content, similar to the traditional media, the focus is on the content. Because in the future with the exponential growth in the number of live content, only the real value of the content can be precipitated down by the user’s attention.

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