Last year, China’s electricity business investment up to 92 pens 80% investment in the B2C industry

daily news (reporter Wei Yu) Analysys International (micro-blog) yesterday released the "2011 fourth quarter Chinese B2C market quarterly monitoring" data show that in 2011 the B2C transaction volume grew 130.8%, reaching 240 billion 70 million yuan. Analysts believe that the capital boom is the driving force for the growth of market size.

it is understood that the size of China’s B2C market transactions in 2010 to achieve an increase of 372.3% last year, doubling again last year. Analysys International analyst Chen Shousong believes that the mass advertising to get orders still work in the field of B2C last year, the B2C website launch strategy continued to bring order to the. Behind the advertising, the capital is a strong injection of the rapid growth of the B2C market drivers.

data show that in 2011 1-12 months, is disclosed China e-commerce industry investment event occurred in 92, the total investment amounted to $4 billion 691 million, more than two times over the past 5 years, the electricity supplier financing and. These investments are concentrated in 80% B2C industry.

at the same time, a great power of traditional enterprise OCS is also active in the market. It is understood that last year, Suning, BELLE, intime and other manufacturers as the representative of the traditional industry has gradually increased investment in online business.

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