Behind the payment industry one hundred million license threshold grad

since April this year, the construction of the second generation by the central bank payment system in the "first", namely Internet banking Internet application system (commonly known as super online banking) impact on the industry, such as Alipay’s third party payment platform concerned, and even the "third party payment platform perish" theory point of view. Today, the third party payment platform is not dead, it is recognized by the Central Bank of the financial position of the financial institutions, and pulled into the scope of regulation.

June 21st, the people’s Bank of China formulated the "non financial institution payment service management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures", the "measures" provisions "), the third party payment company must in September 1, 2011 for the" pay business license ", and the national payment and liquidation of enterprises registered capital shall not be less than 100 million yuan, the provincial not less than 30 million yuan. Non financial institutions also made clear the scope of application, payment business license and the relevant penalties etc..

100 million yuan registered capital threshold, in the third party payment industry is too high, there is no conclusion. Central University of Finance and Economics China banking research center director Guo Tianyong pointed out that the approach introduced, the equivalent of the central bank financial institutions engaged in the third party payment release, and the view from the provisions of the conditions, the threshold is not high, the market most of the institutions should meet the requirements.

but the industry believes that the central bank issued specifically for the third party payment management approach, intended to regulate the current rapid development of the third party payment industry, 30 million to 100 million yuan threshold setting, the current more than and 300 payment company estimated that at least half to be eliminated. Eligible for the estimation of the payment of the company license only Alipay, Yi Bao, caifutong and a few companies.

as the largest third party payment, Alipay support and welcome the introduction of the "measures" attitude. Alipay has said, according to the provisions of a permit, optimistic about the license, and that strengthening supervision is a good thing for the payment industry, is conducive to promoting the healthy development of the whole industry. YeePay President Tang Bin also delivered the same views.

has been, regulatory policy is not clear so that the payment industry to walk in a gray edge, policy risk has become a stone to pay the hearts of enterprises. The introduction of the measures, the domestic large third party payment companies, is undoubtedly a major policy favorable. Yi Bao also said that the "measures" will make the payment right and proper, this is a payment to the third party "name" move.

no doubt, this is a winner of the world, get a license, companies will get more opportunities to occupy the market share. However, a large number of small and medium-sized electronic payment companies will encounter tragic dilemma. Because the country’s third party payment platform for the registration threshold of $100 million will be directly eliminated a large number of payment companies, the market will face a reshuffle. This approach introduced, the scale is small, the company does not regulate the operation is automatically eliminated, excluded, the lack of strength >