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Vitamin C supplements can reduce the risk of death in women diagnosed with breast cancer,

was diagnosed with breast cancer, vitamin C supplements reduced the risk of death by 19% compared with those who did not, and the risk of breast cancer was reduced by about 15%.

At the same time, Harris believes that those who take the initiative to take vitamin C supplements in patients with their own should be more healthy than other breast cancer patients, which will affect the final survival rate of

Harris said, there are some limitations, because they are from the analysis of the research of others, and in the course of the study, they did not consider other factors, such as weight.

concluded, "in short, vitamin C supplementation does not have any negative impact on the survival of breast cancer patients, and is likely to reduce the risk of death," said Harris. Dietary vitamin intake may also significantly reduce overall mortality and breast cancer specific mortality."

when breast cancer patients were given 100 mg of vitamin C per day, the risk of death could be reduced by about 27%, and the risk of death from breast cancer was reduced by more than $22%.


few studies have looked at whether vitamin C helps reduce the risk of death in patients with breast cancer. Recently, a team of researchers conducted a number of published research reports were analyzed, summed up the effective evidence.

, compared with women who ate a low dose of vitamin A, had a 23% lower risk of breast cancer specific death in those who consumed a large amount of vitamins.

researchers found. Foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, also help reduce risk.

, according to daily Rx, a nutrition epidemiologist Harris (Holly R. Harris) led the study, she and the team analyzed 10 studies involving a total of 17696 patients with breast cancer. 6 studies looked at the association between vitamin C supplements and survival in breast cancer patients, and several studies also looked at whether dietary vitamin C has the same association.


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