Electricity supplier to fight for the original costume designer product to commodity problems to be

original fashion designer brand seems to be more and more favored by the capital.

not long ago, Tmall, Jingdong has started to support the activities of the original fashion designer brand. Not only is the business platform, some of the Amoy brand itself also began to seek designer resources in the industry, hoping to win over more designer resources, seeking brand breakthrough.

by these enterprises to build a platform, the original designer of the brand can out of the niche,

for the public?

original designer "xiangbobo"


Liu Yueping, President of Guangdong Garment Association believes that China itself is not short of outstanding designers. However, most of them work in the enterprise, all the creation around the enterprise, brand style design. Some designers choose to open their own studio, but they do business or product planning, or do ODM (original design manufacturer), and some people choose their own shop.

business shop is a choice, however, whether it is online or offline, these studios, designers mostly go "niche" and "private custom" route, the scale is too small, the price of the product is high, non ordinary consumers can contact.

related data show that last year, the national garment terminal consumption scale of about 2 trillion yuan, while online transactions accounted for one of the $700 billion.

is to see the advantages of electronic business platform, more and more designers hope that through this platform more direct contact with consumers.

some capital also saw the market. Last weekend, the founder of the United States and the United States Group Fang Jianhua announced the investment of 100 million funds to start the designer entrepreneurial support program, the goal of incubation of electricity supplier from 20 to 30 original designer. Interestingly, early in March this year, the well-known brand for Amoy clothing listed companies search in the special (002503.SZ) of the 324 million yuan investment and wide attention. Fang Jianhua said that this is also the highest valuation of clothing electricity supplier investment. He plans to start by the end of this year, IPO, is expected to become the first listed Amoy brand.

, according to Fang Jianhua revealed that in 2013, the United States and the United States in fact, the group quietly started to set up a designer brand incubator platform, including living in the left, PASS, SAMYAMA, etc.. The establishment of these brands are in about 1 years, but this year’s sales are expected to exceed RMB 100 million yuan." He said.

mode pain points: product to product conversion disconnect

in fact, the platform, a few years ago has been trying to integrate the designer resources to create their own fashion ecosystem.

"First Financial Daily" the reporter understands, taobao.com D2C designer shops have been launched over the years, this pattern is the integration of design resources, each piece of clothing for sale, single reached sales scale making production and sales.

2014, Tmall and Beijing International Design Week