Capital injection will create unlimited possibilities for the development of shopping websites

the development of a quality project, like a person’s growth, the flow of capital as the blood cycle, without the nutrients it brings, even if it is difficult to grow a good project. The comparison shopping website as the twenty-first Century electronic commerce very Chaoyang industry is no exception, and focus on Chinese largest comparison shopping search engine price comparison network also needs to support all kinds of capital, thus conducive to the sustainable development of the project quality. a comparison of price comparison shopping search, is a shopping guide platform business model and technology architecture based on the success of the United States and China e-commerce truth and established, it effectively combines the new WEB2.0 concept, in a leading position in the domestic counterparts. Price comparison network through the relevant information on the Internet commodity collection and collation, help users to quickly find the necessary goods, and provide goods, merchants price comparison, business services comparison, product performance, user experience, expert evaluation, information function and information service in all aspects, to help users complete a station shopping decision process. At the same time, due to the price comparison network user groups have a considerable consumer demand, in addition to providing businesses with a very strong personalized network marketing platform. Price comparison network to do the people close to the matter for the purpose, through the Internet technology and e-commerce technology to build China’s most competitive e-commerce platform for shopping information, becoming the first choice for consumers.

CPC+CPS synchronous development model is the future direction of comparison shopping website

in the field of comparative shopping search, positioning must be clear, that is, information services". In October 2007, the price comparison website officially launched, at present, the price comparison network has reached 300 thousand registered users, the commodity number exceeds 6 million, the number of comments more than 120 thousand, can achieve real-time acquisition of 5000 online stores, the number of goods nearly 2 million, to provide goods directory retrieval, shopping guide, product performance, price comparison and view consumer comments on the goods the number of personalized services for users of online shopping.

can not be denied, the comparison of the field of shopping search fees nothing more than three kinds: display fees, click charges and sales. Display fees is the so-called online advertising, is not the main source of profit for comparison shopping search, and click on the CPS (CPC) and sales is the main source of profit for comparison shopping search. I am more optimistic about the CPS model, this model has its rationality, more and more businesses are willing to accept this model, after a nurturing process, the market will mature." Wang Hengzhi said.

"at present, we have already contracted with nearly 200 businesses, to drive traffic to their website, pay per click; in addition, we will be in accordance with the sales mode of charge, generally charge a commission ranging 3%~30%." Wang Hengzhi said that the so-called CPS model, is to entrust the third party software statistical companies embedded in both systems >

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