The advantages and disadvantages of clearing off the line under the Taobao

today, some people mentioned on the issue of the settlement under the Taobao passenger line, a lot of new friends may not understand what is under the line settlement, so write a detailed description of the article.

usually referred to under the Taobao passenger line settlement, referring to is not through or as little as possible through the Taobao union settlement, there are two general situations:

1 third party statistical tool

Taobao seller’s background has a lot of this kind of service tools, the effect is very strong, but also a high degree of openness, Taobao Union data openness is relatively limited. This is completely out of the Taobao alliance, the formation of a Taobao customer with a direct docking environment.

this is more common in the hands of the traffic is not recognized by the Taobao alliance, but it can be accepted by the merchant Taobao customers, such as the station group traffic class Taobao.

2 semi relying on Taobao alliance

if the account has Tmall cross store permissions, then completely out of the Taobao alliance is obviously not worthwhile, so generally rely on this way to rely on Taobao alliance.

specifically businesses to the Commission to the lowest category, such as 1.5%, but the agreement 11.5% Commission, Taobao customer or through Taobao alliance backstage to get promotion links, both sides agreed in the settlement period, such as a month, the two sides are union background data, according to the actual orders, business supplies Taobao customers in addition to the 10% the Commission is usually directly to alipay.

looks like a lot of trouble. Why did you do that?

the reason is very simple, is to avoid the union tax deduction and technical service fees, for example: for example, a monthly income of 10 thousand yuan Taobao customers, to the end of the month when the alliance settlement, technical service fees and taxes may buckle around 15%.

if the settlement through the line, a year down can save more than 10 thousand dollars!

is not all goods suitable for doing so?

of course not, the use of Taobao alliance to promote the Tmall store, but there may be cross shop advantage, another advantage is that Tmall subsidies for each category are not the same.

for example: for example, we successfully promoted a sofa, the transaction amount is 5000 yuan, the Commission is given to the merchant is 5%, we calculate the benefits of the final we get the case of the 3.

1 completely out of alliance with the third party statistics, the final amount is: 5000X5%=250 yuan.

2 – based Taobao alliance, the merchants of the Commission to assume a minimum of 1.5% categories, then gains from the alliance is: 5000X6.5% – 5000×6.5%X15% =276.25 yuan, plus merchants line clearing 3.5% a total of 175 yuan, the final yield is 451.25.


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