Cross border retail business electricity supplier just looks beautiful

in Shanghai in September 1, (Wei Qian) in the China import and export demand tightening in the background, cross-border electricity heat straight up. According to iResearch data, 2013 Chinese cross-border electricity trading volume of about 3 trillion and 100 billion yuan. Among them, the overseas purchasing market transactions more than 70 billion yuan, the growth rate is far higher than online shopping.

agency estimates that by 2017, the total foreign China consumers from shopping can account for Chinese the entire online shopping market accounted for about 7%, although not higher than the number, but the total amount will reach about $87 billion.

this is a very big market, and now many home appliance manufacturers are aiming at force. In addition to Taobao global purchase, Tmall international, Amazon Chinese official said 27, will launch the product overseas direct mail service market Chinese. Local overseas direct purchase platform is also stepping up the layout of the foreign port, announced a strong second tier market, while the abolition of overseas business platform service fees, to reduce the threshold for overseas businesses to enter.

since the sea Amoy since the purchase of overseas goods by the electricity supplier platform Chinese people have more and more. CEO was founded in 2010 the blue ocean terminal, which not only has low drive, and the brand and quality reasons.

and the government have vigorously support, the General Administration of customs statistics expert level, deputy inspector Huang Guohua said, China foreign trade into " " and " shift period;; the throes of transition, " in addition to the FTA, cross-border e-commerce will be a focus on promoting new growth in foreign trade.

currently has Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Zhengzhou and other six city approved as "cross-border trade e-commerce services pilot city", be resolved in question to express or email to the customs clearance of cross-border trade of electronic commerce rapid clearance, regulate foreign exchange and refund.

not long ago, the General Administration of customs, No. 56 (that is, on cross-border trade e-commerce inbound and outbound goods, items related regulatory matters announcement) is a strong signal. Once the blue 28 told reporters, "this is certainly good for the industry, for the proof of identity, as long as in accordance with the requirements of the customs do it. "In fact, Amazon now dare to invest in overseas direct mail business, it is because of the No. 56 to cross-border shopping, cross-border legal status, normative guidance, bid farewell to the gray customs clearance.

"competition will be intensified, some of the small capacity of the integration of the industry is not likely to be a weak shuffle, which is certain. "Blue once said.

sea Amoy there are several ways, or scouring the sea to buy goods directly on the overseas e-commerce platform, or through the purchase of Taobao’s global purchasing platform, such as domestic electricity supplier, or foreign direct purchase, such as the pier.

but no matter what kind of logistics can not escape the pain point". Most of the sea Amoy shopping experience know that the time is not good grasp, transport is too slow and easy to lose things, return is also troublesome, shopping experience natural decline. In view of this problem, the foreign terminal is open

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