Cross-border goods bonded warehouse entry to travel from several steps

[Abstract] cross-border electricity has become the main way China many consumers to buy foreign goods, overseas direct mail, these words have already bonded stocking for many sea Amoy lovers are no longer strange. But from the entry of overseas goods into the bonded warehouse what are the steps? What is the regulatory measures of warehouse staff? What is the meaning of Customs checks? These issues make the bonded warehouse in the eyes of consumers is still very mysterious.

recently, billion state power network has been on the Ningbo bonded warehouse management information from Artocarpus, paramita bonded warehouse CEO cloud Jia Yanjun made a "popular science on these issues of concern".

following Jia Yanjun readme finishing:

imported goods in the bonded area "tour" route

cross-border imports from entry into the bonded warehouse to warehouse mainly includes the following steps:

first, we get the complete clearance after the declaration declaration and inspection and quarantine declaration form to the customs declaration, customs and quarantine orders containing the goods provided waybill number, container number, number of the port of entry, weight, name of commodity, quantity, amount and other information.

regulatory authorities in the process of dealing with the customs declaration and clearance declaration form, may be dispatched to commodity inspection. Customs inspection is carried out at the port to check the name, specification and quantity of the goods. Inspection and quarantine inspection is conducted in the area of inspection and Quarantine of the reservoir area, mainly to check whether the wood packaging and container containers are pests and diseases, etc.. If there is a pest, you will need the wooden packing temporarily in the area inside the specified. Then sampling test to determine whether there are pests. There are diseases and insect pests, the destruction of wood packaging.


second, supervision department to complete the inspection, operation area into the reservoir of goods. At this time, our warehouse staff will take the original documents of the goods, to check the accuracy of the goods and the number of bars.

because there is no Chinese language description of foreign goods, the only symbol to identify the goods is the product of the bar code. Check the quantity of goods by bar code to confirm whether it is consistent with the documents. Consistent, then go to the Customs for nuclear information. Inconsistent, you need to ask the customs to verify the number of the reservoir area, to confirm the accuracy of the number, and then apply for a single procedure, after the completion of nuclear injection. After the completion of the nuclear injection, the customs stock.

third, after the completion of the customs and Excise Department, on behalf of the commodity customs has been released, our warehouse operators will begin to transport goods to the storage area of the position, and the data into the company’s WMS. In this way, the company WMS data and customs data consistency.

addition, imports may be subject to customs checks. Customs inspection refers to the process of carrying out the conformity inspection of the individual parcels in the district. It is simply that you are