Women eat kelp health network _ female breast care _39

foreign experts found that kelp for women, not only beauty, hairdressing, slimming and other health effects, but also adjuvant treatment of breast hyperplasia.

study found that the kelp is remission of breast hyperplasia, is because it contains a lot of iodine, can induce ovarian follicular luteinization, thereby reducing estrogen levels, the endocrine disorders have been adjusted, and ultimately eliminate the hidden dangers of breast hyperplasia.

, also known as kelp, kelp and kelp is a large edible algae, Ye Kuanhou, green, no yellow leaves for the top grade.

for the protection of the breast, in addition to the regular consumption of kelp, women should also eat more beans, wheat, corn, milk products, high fiber, low calorie, soft shelled turtle, loach, Vegetable & Fruit, yellow croaker, sea cucumber, oyster, squid etc.. The excessive intake of coffee, cola and other irritating drinks, easy to increase the swelling of the breast; fried foods and carbohydrates contain high heat, will accelerate the formation of estrogen in the body, so that more serious breast hyperplasia.

(internship editor: Deng Yongqi)


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