Why do we have to change the small and beautiful development path

for taobao.com in last year’s double 12 this small and beautiful slogan, and Ma public speaking at last year’s said to millions of millions of small and beautiful home shops, perhaps many businesses engaged in shop is still not aware of this trend, but only as a slogan had it not. Really pay attention to it, so take a lot of road.

is especially true for our store. Recently in a meeting, the boss gave us a message: the company’s capital chain problems. Warehouse backlog of 500, $600 million in inventory, so had to re adjust the strategic deployment. From the beginning of our shop to make money at low prices to make traffic and evaluation, began to slowly evolved into a meager profit marketing, the development of more than a year later, the shop also numbered more than 1 thousand. But the consequences of this is that when you see this paragraph seems to be on the order of sales, hundreds of pieces, this paragraph also orders hundreds of pieces, autumn and winter, spring and summer a total backlog of millions of dollars in stock, finally to a development bottleneck. It was also suggested that the development of such a route can not go, because of the rapid development of Lining led to the backlog of inventory did not pay enough attention to the lessons learned. According to industry analysis, Lining’s current backlog of inventory in the domestic sales for 50 years, this is a very scary thing. In contrast, although we have only a few million dollars in inventory, but for a few tens of thousands of people on the scale of the electricity supplier companies, but also fatal enough. Therefore, the proposed strategy is to clear inventory, take the road of blasting.

why Liebo in last year can become the first women’s clothing industry? The reason is to choose a small class of objective development route, folk style competition China wind is relatively small, but because the online shopping population is large enough, so Liebo as long as these customers firmly locked, continuously through the depth of marketing to increase sales can sell 5 hundred million. The same type of women’s clothing is currently the five Korean homes, last year’s sales are several hundred million, is said to be nearly 1000 new models each year, while the number of employees reached more than 2000 employees. This mode of operation is done by the amount, according to 50% of the profits to calculate, in fact, last year, the Korean clothes can not earn much profit. And to feed more than 2000 employees, such a business model is actually very hard. When the boss recently went to Shanghai training, and one of the owner of the home to do a private exchange. This enterprise employees only 40 people, but in a short time can achieve annual sales exceeded one hundred million yuan, although the 50 report the backbone of every day thing for employees yesterday made out of the analysis, and then make adjustments to work all night to work until 12, but the income is very considerable the. Conservative estimates, the annual profit of the enterprise will be more than 20 million yuan. These returns are also very large to employees. The reason why they can do so much space, because they chose a small and beautiful development path. Product positioning is very clear, is to sell bedding, but because these goods to sell what kind of customer is very clear, and