Why the seller also quite Jingdong POP platform

yesterday Jingdong open platform Taurus awards, the results did not find a dress big sellers, as far as I know apparel accounted for half of the trading volume of the Jingdong open platform, there are a lot of billions of dollars to the seller. I do not say we all know, stand, to, did not dare to go

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coming back from the United States, Liu Qiangdong opening remarks and asked: we had the right? The answer is not good, Ali alone big, traffic users soaring prices, advertising rose income did not rise without profit, when the whole is working to ali. This is the bitter reality! Why, Liu Qiangdong’s answer is: "whenever the monopoly, monopoly industry huge profits, users bitter force, such as banking, electricity, communications industry." So Liu Qiangdong added, single platform turnover of more than 50%, is not a good thing. I hope every seller, don’t hope for a." I think Ma and Liu Qiangdong are a few of the domestic Master speech, the audience want to know what, know what is the rival user pain point? But Ma’s speech is more like good people, speaking the future, but Liu Qiangdong some overbearing, more realistic.

control group Alibaba market share more than 90% online retail platform, according to YAHOO’s earnings data disclosed Alibaba group first quarter revenue surged 71%, to $1 billion 380 million, net profit grew two times, reaching $669 million. Iron barracks of soldiers, to share Ali’s "buddies" feel


simply say that the greater the influence of the channel, not only can not afford to bear the seller’s ability to allocate any flow to support Tmall, constantly raise the price of advertising, you can also threaten to enter other channels for sale. Simple summary, too dependent on a channel, it is easy to be kidnapped by a channel, and ultimately will lose control of the fate of the company!

why should pay attention to Jingdong POP platform

some people say that Jingdong last year, almost 60 billion of the transaction, accounting for the proportion of 12 billion, compared to Tmall announced the 200 billion, there is no comparability. But the total amount is only considered one of the core factors, the number of sellers Jingdong last year, the number of merchants in 20 thousand or so, while the number of sellers Tmall merchant is $100 thousand. If the average count, Jingdong POP platform for each seller average sales of 600 thousand, while Tmall’s is the number of Taobao is (10000 /600 million sellers). This number and I learned a lot of big sellers of data is consistent, accounting for the proportion of Jingdong platform sales in 15-30%, the standard class will be higher. This is a reminder to many sellers, the absolute value of the platform scale is the one hand, the focus is still on the platform’s attributes and the relative average sales size. For example, clothing should pay attention to Tencent, vip.com and Dangdang, food should pay attention to the 1 shop platform. Once too dependent on a channel, it is difficult to avoid the risk of being kidnapped and blocked by the channel.

has a friend asked, what is the difference in the platform of Jingdong