Lenovo mobile phone was Jingdong massive shelves official did not reply


technology news (Sun Hongchao) June 2nd news, the news that the Jingdong Motorola official flagship store in MotoX, MotoG two series of the number of mobile phone was off the shelf today, only Moto360 can normally buy smart watches, and Jingdong owned flagship store official lenovo mobile phone only three mobile phone products.

earlier today, Lenovo official responsible for Tencent technology said the official declined to comment. However, insiders told Tencent technology, said the mobile phone for the system failure. Some media reports said associate vice president, China CMO Wang Chuandong said the shelf is due to system failure caused by the current system is being adjusted, but also in order to do 618 marketing programs to adjust. Jingdong is a long-term partnership.

as of press time, Jingdong has not yet made a formal response to the Tencent technology.

had insiders said that Lenovo’s new machine ZUK Z2 choose the line-up in Suning, Tmall and other Jingdong, put out, perhaps let both sides relationship between cracks is an important cause of the Jingdong under the frame of Lenovo Mobile phone.