Tesla and Tmall double 11 or breaks down due to the headquarters of the United States to halt cooper

Economic Observer reporter Liu Junjing Economic Observer reporter learned exclusively from the relevant channels, Tmall was going to war with vigour and vitality "double 11" shopping Carnival Tesla has quietly terminated the cooperation. Insiders said that Tesla unilaterally end this cooperation act, and the headquarters of the United States Chinese exposed Tesla miscommunication, and Tesla in Chinese market trying to route through the third party electric bypass direct sales model approach is still facing great difficulties.

prior to October 20th, Tesla China announced a high-profile stationed in Tmall mall, war Tmall double 11 shopping carnival. It will also be Tesla China in its official website sales channels, the first attempt to cooperate with the third party platform sales cooperation. It is understood that Tesla originally for the double 11 day purchase for 18 Model S car, in the consumer in order and full payment, the fastest five days will be able to "flash car". In addition, Tesla will be double 11 day purchase, the customer free installation of domestic charging pile, as a special discount.

, however, after the program was disclosed by the media, was strongly rejected U.S. headquarters. Tesla Chinese insiders in an interview with the Economic Observer online reporter disclosure, for Tesla China’s "test the water" behavior, Tesla U.S. headquarters is very dissatisfied, has terminated the cooperation. However, according to its disclosure, as of Tesla unilaterally announced the termination of cooperation, Tesla Tmall store has sold 7 Model S.

informed sources disclosed that the reason for the dissatisfaction with the U.S. headquarters in Tesla, Tesla China and Tmall cooperation destroyed the original vehicle delivery rules, which is unfair to consumers before the next order. In fact, the market had Chinese Tesla in a lesson. Tesla orders in the production mode, consumers from the official website to apply to the real car delivery needs to wait for 4-6 months. At the beginning of this year, 23 Tesla non Shanghai customers to submit a lawyer’s letter, accused Tesla not in accordance with the commitment to advance the order of mention cars, and even consumers to show dissatisfaction in make the scene of the car smashed the car.


‘s cooperation with Tmall has Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen City, five of the consumers can order pay in 5 days after the full payment within the car by Tmall. In the official website of Tmall and Tesla in the ordering process is not much difference between the premise, the average user has to wait for a full four months.

auto industry analyst Zhang Xin told the Economic Observer reporter, "Tesla unilaterally end this cooperation act, and the headquarters of the United States Chinese exposed Tesla miscommunication and Tesla in China market difficult landing. How to keep ‘tall’ brand at the same time, but also through more unconventional sales channels to expand sales, from the current point of view, Tesla China has not thought good."