What is the secret of the honey shoots that won the the Great Wall prize for years

Beijing time on October 23rd, the twenty-third annual China International Advertising Festival held in Haikou.


Chinese largest import electricity supplier maternal honey bud in the year 2016 China advertising award in the Great Wall, with a number of classic cases, including honey bud pan entertainment + marketing "" Honey bud 301 berserk Festival "" Honey bud free 61 day gains 3 "2016 China advertising award. The Great Wall annual classic case" Grand Prix, together with the Golden Eagle cartoon TV to create a "Honey bud 61 at night" won the "2016 annual award. The Great Wall China advertising media enterprise cooperation case", at the same time, he served as vice president of honey bud sword won the "2016 China advertising award. The Great Wall brand innovation characters".

won 5 gold medal in one fell swoop, becoming the biggest winner in the advertising industry in 2016, the electricity industry – this is the honey bud in the year after winning the the Great Wall award in 2015, once again highly recognized by the industry.

(honey bud marketing team)

China advertising the Great Wall award, as China’s advertising industry’s most historic, authoritative, professional, scale and influence of the award, known as ", China’s advertising industry Oscar ".

honey bud at the beginning of 2015 began the traditional rules of market subversion of the industry, as the first vertical electricity supplier industry TV advertising business, TVC TV in March on the line, 3 days to achieve a 300 million GMV sales myth; break the mother of the crowd blindly around the mother baby playing the inertia of thinking and brand building, signed in July 2016 Hunan the famous TV presenter Wang Han, to create a "super nanny secret" advertising theme, is the industry’s first baby daddy enabled as a spokesperson for the company, and a "Daddy parenting" trend. At the same time, taking advantage of Hunan TV powerful brand communication resources, let the honey bud brand quickly went into the China tens of millions of middle-class families, and the hearts of the people, "let the world find parenting artifact", "baby baby honey bud" I Chinese family slogan for having heard it many times.


in the cross, the United Chinese largest honey bud car brand to create customized "Shenzhou Shenzhou car, honey bud pregnant mother car, pregnant mother car officially launched at the end of March 2016. As a professional service in the pregnant mother of the long-term dedicated vehicles, which is the first time in the country. Let mother group will truly experience the honey bud as a mother and child care for maternal and child groups.


honey bud since 2013 on the line, the rapid development, with the grasp of the market and the user precise positioning, becoming China’s largest import maternal and child mall, more than 10 million registered users.

Ren Jian, vice president of

, said: "the outlet is really important, do business on the tuyere, the process is very important."