Grassroots Adsense Amazon business road


has a belief in the future, does not mean that the success, nor does it mean that in the future can hold the direction of the road is not lost. How to focus on the future, clinging to catch up, and go under the foot Road, in the rainy weather will not fall into the pit, it is equally important that all companies should alert to this thing.


set goals, how to make the first step, how to deal with road obstacles, this is a big problem. The network of enterprises, on the stability of each foot is particularly important, perhaps a stumble into eternal hate. As Amazon network pioneer, facing many hardships and dangers, often kick step, will consider the following questions such as.

first, understand the customer, satisfy the customer. Amazon’s concept of customer admiration. Amazon launched a strategy every time, the first consideration of the customer, so that customers feel happy shopping. Such as: the most preferential price discount, the price than three, customers will see at a glance which one is the lowest price, the benefits, and bring customer satisfaction at the same time, it will fall in love with the company, this discount is known as the "Dutch act", but it will show the company’s service quality, which will win to more customers.

Amazon before the introduction of new products, the total market survey and analysis, and get accurate data information: what kind of goods customers need. Amazon is also ready to communicate with customers, understand their needs, and then continue to improve their service system. Whether it is a network company, or traditional enterprises, to provide customers with consulting services, is a good move.

now, the customer is more and more high demand for innovation, even the most common part, if you can make a pattern, the customer will be ecstatic. For example, the Amazon for the customer to send free e-cards, this move is a great harvest, the customer of this simple one, carefully pondering for a long time, pondering, Amazon and updated image. Science and technology innovation is more important, customers always want to buy the latest, most advanced, the cheapest thing, Amazon as a starting point, and constantly develop new technology projects, to try to meet the needs of customers.

two, high efficiency work. Amazon Co has all kinds of dress employees have offbeat costumes, a casual dress, even some employees take pets to the company with a seemingly sctd group, but it seems to work out effective. For example: in 1998, the statistics of 60 thousand data show that the Amazon book sold every day. Order to receive goods in Amazon, just three days to seven days. Outsiders do not believe, because they do not understand the Amazon’s internal equipment, Amazon’s work, one is marketing, two is shipped. Marketing is the source of all the profits of a company’s funds, funds tend to invest in infrastructure, marketing, marketing efficiency is high, indicating that the company management mechanism is perfect, morale, spirit, challenging.

Amazon marketing efficiency is due to