Ring fast pay jointly promote easy to build mobile phone online recharge service alliance

day before, the third party payment leader IPS and website alliance advertising operators propaganda media jointly announced that the two sides will jointly launch mobile phone online recharge service alliance of the nation’s largest. Propaganda easy to set up mobile phone online recharge service on its more than 20 thousand alliance site, and the payment channel to pay the exclusive agent by the ring fast.

it is understood that the mobile phone online recharge service alliance is composed of IPS and more than 20 thousand joint advertising alliance site common form, and its propaganda easy Alliance on site visits up to 30 million independent IP. At present, the propaganda and easy to pay docking ring has been completed.

IPS (IPS) was founded in 2000, so far, it has with all major domestic banks to set up a payment interface, including VISA, MASTER, and JCB, Singapore NETS, many international card organizations have established a strategic alliance. Today, the ring has become a fast payment in China’s larger independent third party online payment platform, the monthly turnover of more than 230 million yuan. In addition to becoming the largest mobile phone online exclusive alliance exclusive payment agent, in the field of online recharge, ring Xun also with a number of large online games operators to maintain long-term cooperative relations.

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